Tuesday, December 13, 2016

To my Rae of Sunshine

It's my girl's birthday today!

This is my 2nd year celebrating her birthday as a couple. And it is also my 1st year not being able to celebrate with her, stranded in apparently the cleanest city in Karnataka. *Sobs*

I remember last year I came down(or is it up) to Mysore and we had the time of our lives celebrating. We celebrated a day earlier at a new hotel along with her batchmates. Kinda admire their friendship, because they never miss each other's birthday celebration. Unlike mine, by the 3rd year, no one cared about anyone anymore haha. Still, thank God for the few cliques I had in India.

I recalled that day when Maxine carelessly forgot to bring Rae's bday cake. *Facepalm* In the end, I bought the doughnuts in the hotel and attempted to arrange them to a cake shape and sort of accidentally surprised everyone (not just Rae). The doughnuts looked nice but the taste was _________. No comment!

Fast forward to today. It's been a year already. To Rachel, thanks for being my listener to all my rants, and thanks for staying happy when I'm not around. I think what worried me the most when I left India was you. I was afraid you would end up finding everything dull without me. Why do I sound like I am praising myself haha.

And today, I wish you joy. A joy which springs out from your heart, a joy that assures and reassures even when things aren't doing well, a joy that brings happiness and peace to everyone you bless. And I pray that God will continue to keep the good work that was begun in you, till the day you meet the Lord face to face. (Phil 1:6)

As for now, I hope you will enjoy yourself, even though there are not many friends there, but know that you are soooo loved by these few people that God has poaced in your life, including me! I thank God everyday for you, for your life and for us.

I'm so blessed, just received an email from the Govt that I will be getting my posting by 9 Jan next year. So yeap, today is a super lucky day I must say!!! Thanks a lot Rae! You are definitely a ray of hope to me!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Off day

Off days are the best! Since I started working, the days I look forward the most are Thursdays and Sundays, because these are the days where I don't have to feel humiliated.

But at the same time, probably this is what God planned for me. To strip off my pride and humble myself. In everything start from the lowest. I believe starting as an assistant (or a cleaner you can say that) will take me places. So I have no regrets, even if it takes a lot of skill and brain shaming.

I learned so much from these people and am ever grateful to my boss who took me in. Eventhough he appears to be very chinaman, but he was never stingy to share his working experiences with me. He doesn't force his viewpoints on me, rather asks me how I think and then states his viewpoint. He deserves a lot of respect. For a doctor to be this humble, he is a role model to me.

I am still not very happy working with those ladies, but I'm making better progress now in learning to ignore and speak when necessary. So if they insult me, I will shove it back to their face. An eye for an eye. Only when it is necessary, just to show them there is a line you should not cross.

Take for an example yesterday. I was asked to remove the filter from the AC. So after cleaning them, I wanted to put it back. As I was putting it back, I felt vibrations from the AC and realized that the AC was switched on. Man, that was outrageous! They did that on purpose. But hello, these kinds of things don't play play can or not, what if I get electrocuted? Or my fingers get stuck inside the AC fan? By then do you think it's funny? So I gave one of the girls a piece of my mind and asked her did she really want to get me killed. Hahaha that was the first time she looked guilty and didn't say anything. For me, that was enough.

One of the girls asked me why I always like to target the Malays and not the Indian girl. There is a Chinese saying that goes 人不犯我,我不犯人. Simply means ko tak kuang ajar dgn ak, ak takkan kuang ajar dgn ko. Learn that up malaizhu.

Bye. Bye sangat (their fav line)

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Yeap I think I now hate my job

Okay it's only a few weeks and I already got my half a month's pay! Thank God, am really happy!

I feel it's more of I endured the karenah of my colleagues to earn my salary rather than I worked for it. Well, it's true that I worked a lot, but honestly that wasn't the hard part AT ALL.

In fact nowadays I just wish to be left alone to do my work. Don't talk to me, don't ask me anything, rather order me to do things, I will gladly do it for you, even if it's washing the toilet, just don't make me answer you.

Didn't expect to come to this point that the extraverted me has chosen to hide in his tortoise shell.

These two Malay nurses can be really kurang ajar at times. The way they scold the patients after they leave, bad-mouthing the doctors, and the dirty+lame jokes they come out with have pushed me to the point where I am just so disgusted with their behavior. Worst of all, they were rejoicing when Israel was struck with fire few days back, said 'Bagus...padan muka.' Goodness is this what your religion teaches you? But Kenneth said cannot blame them cause they were educated to hate Jews since primary school days. Still...eew.

And I really hate it when they say 'study five years but can't even do simple jobs like these.' Take for example today la. Two doctors. 3 assistants. So the other two assisted the two doctors while I had to jaga counter. There were a crowd of patients today I don't know why. I had to register walk in patients, at the same time I also had to collect the patient's card and settle their payments. So suddenly a mother with two kids entered and all three wanted to get their teeth checked. So I had to search for their treatment cards. At the same time, two patients just finished their treatment and I had to get the cards from the doctor and collect money. Plus I had to arrange the date for their next appointment (ortho patients). At the same time also, two impressions came and I was asked to pour cast. So while I was discussing with the patients, mind you I only managed to search for one card out of the three, the doctor passed me another patient's CD and asked me to transfer the old OPG from the CD to the new computer. Can you see how confusing the situation was?

In the midst of the chaos, the other nurse in her impatient tone asked me to faster pour the cast, which I decided to do that later because I know I had to settle the patients first, I'm not that stupid like you malaizhu. Then the other nurse asked me to wash the instruments in the sink and sort of accused me that I was just lazying around not doing anything. Hello can you see what I'm doing here!!!! ARGHHHHH!!!!

So after settling the patients' appointment I quickly went to pour the cast because anytime soon the next patient will be out and I had to settle their payment. I did it in a rush so I knew that the cast will have lots of porosities.

Obviously I got scolded with that same line I hate the most. I said sorry and then I went on to explain that I was in a rush. Then immediately they cut me and said 'then I'm not busy is it, busy sangat...'. I was mad, but I just suppressed it because I knew that I would lose the argument cause two against one.

I wish I could manage such situations better. I think I should always keep calm and carry out the important ones first. I guess I'm still very new so it came as a shock to me, so I was very confused today.

I'm just upset that the doctors treat me better than the nurses. The nurses don't pay me, why do I have to 看他们的脸色做人 (live according to how they want us to be). I just tell myself everytime, one day I may be your boss, so now boss me around all you want, just so you wait.

It annoys me also when they kept calling me Tweety bird because my lips are small and pouty. Hmph... It should be funny if others call me that, but when people that I hate say the same thing to me, it is so insulting man. The other nurse looks exactly Ursula from Little Mermaid. I really want to say it but you know girls, if insulted can cry then I die la, I'm the bad guy. And both of them put so much make up they really look like cakes to me, but not like Secret Recipe type, more like the Indian bakery type, unappetizing and cheap looking.

Kay, rant is over. I still hate you two.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Life as a DSA

It isn't so bad. Not great either.

But one thing for sure, being a dental nurse/assistant isn't easy. It not only requires precision and good memory, it also demands speed, alertness and good human relations.

This is my 3rd day here as an assistant. Most of the time I do reception work. I answer calls, fix appointments, give medicine according to prescription and be a cashier(probably the scariest).

Sometimes I will have to keep patients' bite registration casts properly, to be sent to the lab for either trial denture or fabrication.

Yet to learn: Make occlusal rims for bite registration, mixing alginate and pour casts, ortho stuffs and etc.

Usually patients come in the morning, afternoons are a little more laxed. Sometimes can be very boring and sleepy, esp after lunch. Zzzz...

The wait can be extra painful when it comes to around 4.30, most probably because I was so used to going back by 4.30 for the past five years.

We have a few doctors here, but the one in charge is Dr Lee, he's the one who hired me. He's very nice and friendly. However the others are a little more reserved. Yesterday I met Dr Chin and today Dr Tan. But they didn't talk much to me, they just hid themselves in the room (I saw them watching movie in their laptops, so shuang) until the end.

I work 5 days per week. Thursdays and Sundays are my off days. Actually right now I can't wait for Sunday already, hahaha see how much I dread working, but I sendiri cari pasal want to work so badly.

Every morning I wake up at 7.45am, have to leave by 8.30am before it gets super jammed. Yesterday I left at 8.40, oh my the jam was terrible. Reached in 40 minutes. Today I left at 8.30am, I reached at 8.45am. Seriously.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Today's a boring day, as usual.

I had to purposely wake up late just to pass time. But you know the weather, by 10am it's like you're in a sauna, and my face was really oily, so I had no choice but to wash up.

I didn't even have the mood to eat breakfast, so just ate two slices of sponge cake and a cup of milo and then I headed back into my cell aka bedroom.

Decided to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, because I want to know who Voldemort, Dumbledore and all these people are. Goodness, the movie lasted 2.5 hours, I almost fell off from my chair while watching.

So at least I know who the bad guys and the good guys are. Basically, Voldemort is the only bad guy la. I thought only Harry Potter and his two friends were the good ones cause the rest all looked evil to me. And Robert Pattinson was inside the movie too but ke le fe only haha.

After lunch I decided to call the dental clinics in Midvalley, Gardens and IOI City Mall. Only IOI City's and Gardens one were kind enough to take down my name and number. The Midvalley one cut me out by saying 'We don't take fresh graduates here.' then straight away put down the phone. :(

Whatever it is, I don't feel so horrible like before. Guess you just have to get used to all the rejections. It's not that bad actually.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

At this point I feel finding a job can be demotivating.

They either want a lady, or long term ones.

I want to go to gym, everyone turns a deaf ear to it. I have to do push ups and make do with the dumbbells(which are rusted and not heavy enough) at home. And run to the nearest field to do pull ups.

I have to wash socks that aren't mine. They don't have to wash them and they're earning $$$. I have to wash them because I'm unemployed.

Freedom is being able to do anything without being accountable to anyone. I guess I was so accustomed to that, that switching it back can be strenuous.

Maybe I am whining because of the unfavourable replies I got today.

Or maybe because I'm worried about the future. What if, I can't provide for you, that one day you feel, you can't see our future, like how some felt and did what they think was best.

*Laughs* Who is the insecure one now?🙋

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Job hunting

Called up the dental clinic today and yes they are looking for a dental assistant!

I was asked to pass the resume to them but....I don't know how to write a resume. Sooo noob.

So I have to wait for Ken and John to be back to help me with my resume. Yes, John also has experience in writing resume. He is starting work on November 1st at MidValley. So geng... Jealous

With fingers crossed, let's hope that I can get a job ASAP.