Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve Reflections...

Just to show you some photos during the Christmas Eve Celebration entitled "Jesus, You're The Reason" ...

Kenneth finally found his another half

I like this one

The Cutie Pies

Sharon is shocked to see a camera in front of her

Look here, people!!

Last shot of the day

Anyway, it was definitely an exhausting yet great, awesome, cool, wonderful, marvelous (any other words to describe??) day.. of course the best part of the day was still the opening of presents...haha..

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Esther's Wedding Dinner Reflections..

Just to reflect back the day I attended Esther's wedding dinner in Marriott (spelling maybe wrong) Hotel Putrajaya. It was on the 8th of Dec. We 3 bros gave a presentation. As usual, John and i sang and Kenneth played the keyboard. We sang The Prayer and a chinese song The Vow of Eden (something like that la, forgot the exact name of the song)..anyway, below are some pics to reflect..

Nothing to do

The Lee Family

High School 1971 reunion (dad is there too)

My Family and Mr and Mrs. Goh

Monday, December 22, 2008

YA Christmas Party Reflections..

Last Saturday our YA had our Christmas Party...This time we invited parents of our young people, and thank God some of the non-Christians parents came. We started with our P&W followed by a drama presentation by the youths (Hui Ping, Hui Hui, Chin Yi, Joshua, Hannah, Sarah, Letitia, Joel, Calvern, Robyn, Andrew, Kenneth, Sara, S.Chen, Yi Zhen and of course ME!!), not forgetting our narrator S.Fen and Chee Yean with the lightings. I seriously enjoyed this drama though it was very short. Perhaps it's because we have a good director who directed this show, haha, thumbs up to Joshua!! However, the most significant thing was the message that this drama was trying to bring out. I'm pretty sure that some of the parents actually learnt the true meaning of Christmas after watching the drama. After everything, of course it's makan time. I managed to make some new friends there..hmm..i think i have forgotten their names but i remembered one, Jackson..Very friendly (Hui Ping's friend). Anyways, i had a great time! I have no pics to display..So, maybe you can give a peek at Sara's blog and see whether she has posted the photos of the Christmas Party. (Oh yea, which includes embarassing ones, as usual)

Monday, December 15, 2008

I DONT heart government dentists!

I once envied you..
You once amazed me..
You gave many people a great smile..
You made me wanted to be like you..
Even when somebody told me..
That your career is a big risk...
The highest suicide rate in US are your race..
I was not affected at all..
When i had my 4 teeth extracted..
I indeed had a bad experience with you...
But yet it did not kill my passion of wanting to be like you...
When I saw your nurses sitting down there lazily..
I tried to give some excuses for them..
To show that they weren't that lazy after all..
Until that day when I received a call from one of your nurses..
My braces appointment was postponed to next month..
Frankly, I was in rage...
I had put all my plans in January..
And now you tell me I had to cancel all of them...
I was angry..
My eyes are now opened..
I DONT heart you government dentists...
You gave me false hopes...
After waiting for 4years and 5months..
How long more would you expect me to wait?
Behind your smiles you laid aside your responsibilities..
Is this the good ethics of dentists?
I cant stand it anymore..
I DONT heart you government dentists!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday Trip Continued..

Day 2 (4th Dec) continued...
After eating, we went to Gurney Plaza. It was raining cats and dogs that time. We were all wet because we did not bring any umbrella for the trip. Haha..

Day 3 (5th Dec)
I had a great sleep. We went to Corner Club Restaurant with Uncle Edwin and ate dim sum. We had a great time eating together.

After that, we checked out and wanted to go round Penang town. So we planned to go Queensbay Shopping Mall - the newest and largest shopping mall in Penang. However, the roads in Penang were so confusing that we took the wrong way and sadly, we reached Penang Bridge and went out of Penang island. Haih.. sad as we were, we went back to Bukit Merah. Kent, John and i then went swimming in Bukit Merah Club. Then i realized my life was not so miserable after all. I was quite happy after swimming. At night, we went to Bukit Merah Resort to have our dinner. The best part was i bought cheap stuffs from there. There were all kinds of souvenirs. We took photos too. Truly I spent a meaningful night there.

Day 4 (6th Dec)
It's the end of our holiday. We packed our bags getting ready to go back home. John and I went cycling for the last time. This time I really grasped the opportunity to breathe in fresh air plus gazing at the beauty of nature in Bukit Merah. Before we went back, Uncle and Aunty gave us many things - stickers, pen, calculator, key chains, Cadbury chocolate from Australia, oranges........uncountable..innumerable..haha..
We stopped by at Bidor again before we went back home. Bought a lot of things again. The duck rice there was also really nice. You should try it!! After hours and hours in the car, finally we reached home. We were all in. However, i love this holiday. It was indeed an enjoyable and exciting plus a beneficial trip.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday Trip Reflections..

Day 1 (3th Dec)
We started our journey at about 4 pm, immediately after Kenneth's last paper.

Then we stopped by at Bidor to have our lunch there.

It was a really busy town. As Bidor is famous for its chicken biscuits and "Siak Kek Ma", we didn't miss the opportunity to buy some back home. I also saw petai everywhere... I was curious, but then after seeing this,

only then i understood.
We continued our journey and we reached Bukit Merah Laketown at night. We stayed in Uncle Vincent and Aunty Shirley's house - a big bungalow. They were very friendly and hospitable. There was something, to me, special in this house and i took this picture

Day 2 (4th Dec)
I woke up at about 8am and then Kent John and i went cycling. The air was so breathtaking as compared to KL and Kajang. Then we went back for breakfast. A heavy breakfast indeed!! Eggs, sandwiches, fresh cucumbers, sweet Milo drink, Coffee specially for mum (she's a Coffee Addict!) After that, we went cycling again. Unfortunately, we were too adventurous. We cycled too far and we lost our way. Kent at that time was so desperate to go to the toilet. He went asking people the shortest route back home. Thank God! We managed to find our way home and Kent didn't wet his trousers!
In the afternoon, Uncle Vincent and wife brought us to Taiping to have our lunch. Before that we took some photos with them.
Then we journeyed to Penang. I think that was the first time i crossed the Penang Bridge. Nothing special actually. We then checked in into Gurney Hotel. We went for a swim but the water was wayyyyyy too cold. So we decided to play ping-pong. But the wind was blowing strongly, so John and i decided to go back to the Hotel Room. I then deeped myself in the jacuzzi. So refreshing!
At night, we took a cab to the Hawkers' Centre. You should see the crowd, you can hardly have space to walk. Thank God we managed to find a place to have our dinner. The food was WoW!! The prawn noodles and mouth-watering cendol were splendid! Moreover, the food there was cheap. Kenneth loved the cendol there! He still loves it now...

Finally Home!!

Finally! I'm back in Kajang. Was away for holiday in Bukit Merah and Penang. Had a great time..Will tell more about the trip next time. Now it is kinda late. Today some of the youths cleaned up the Prayer Room behind the stage. I didn't know that it was a Prayer Room till few weeks ago. I thought it was a store room all these while. And that's why we had to clean up the room. Kenneth led the group. The room was really dusty and filled with Christmas props and Under The Sea decorations.We spent more than 2 hours cleaning up the room. Thumbs up for Kenneth and his team(im included!) for doing such a great job!! Haha.. In the evening, we celebrated Ah Ma's 86th birthday. Had a sumptious dinner with the family. Tomorrow will be my cousin's wedding dinner and my brothers and i are giving a presentation tomorrow. Am nervous...praying hard for tomorrow. Am afraid i will sing out of tune..haha..really hope i will will be so embarassing. Ok then, it's snoozing time. So good night!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

His First Christmas in Heaven..

This is a tribute to Ishak (OA member) who passed away last Sunday, on Thanksgiving Sunday.
This morning when i was reading "Stories For A Teen's Heart 2", i read this poem written by a teen boy who died of brain tumor which he had battled for four years. It was so touching. It goes like this..

I see countless Christmas trees
Around the world below
With tiny lights, like heaven's stars
Reflecting on the snow

The sight is so spectacular
Please wipe away the tear
For i am spending Christmas with
Jesus Christ this year

I hear many Christmas songs
That people hold so dear
But the sounds of music can't compare
With the Christmas choir up here

I have no words to tell you
The joy their voices bring
For it is beyond description
To hear the angels sing

I know how much you miss me
I see the pain inside your heart
But i am not so far away
We really aren't apart

So be happy for me dear ones
You know i hold you dear
And be glad i'm spending Christmas
With Jesus Christ this year

So have a Merry Christmas and
Wipe away that tear
Remember, i am spending Christmas with
Jesus Christ this year and forever.


Finally, SPM is over. But i wasn't like others in cloud nine, shouting "Merdeka!"
Maybe i'm still a bit worried about some of my papers..anyway, it's already in the past..
Since i will be free for like about 4, 5 months at home (most of the time) , i might as well post some of my life experiences (it may be a one-time only experience) nice it is to share them with my friends!
So, feel free and safe to read my blog. No vulgar words (as i have a censor board here before i post) and no obscene pictures.. read my blog and be encouraged!