Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY 2009 Reflections...

25th Jan
It's reunion dinner!! My family and I went to Ah Mah's house for it. As usual, after dinner, we watched TV until about 9something. After that, we proceeded to my Wamah's house. Lydia brought her little doggie which looks exactly like Sarah's dog, just that its colour is brown. Since he's brown, Lydia named him - STONE.

In Ah mah's house, my nieces (the girls) and cousins (boys)

Stone and I

Chinese New Year (1st - 3rd day)
On the 1st day of CNY, we went to grandma's house again to "bai nian" and of course, get some year CNY is the same, so not much to explain lo...just to show you pictures..


On the 2nd day, we went to 2nd auntie's place. It's an annual event for her to invite the Lion Dance Group to come to her house. So, I took some shots. To me, they didn't really dance well, as compared to the previous years.

Peck Gan and Patrick came too and they brought their baby, Aaron. Oh, he's so cute...see...

On the 3rd day, Tan, Foong and Ong family came to my house. So, had a great time together (which includes Makan, of course!!)... So amazed to see some of them grew taller, thinner, noisier, cuter and *e-hem*, had to say this, "handsomer".

So, that's all. Probably another round of CNY celebration in Tampin. More pics on the way...stay tuned!! So, it's me, Edwin signing off!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy CNY!!!

Happy Chinese New Year!
wishing everybody:
- "qiu bi bi"
- "giong hee giong hee"
- "HUAT" ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- everyday "wu tang jia"!!
- everyday "hua hua hee hee"
- "YA SOH ai lee"!!


Friday, January 23, 2009



现在呢?也许很少使用母语跟朋友沟通(只是最近有啦),在学校也没有学华语了,所以如今比较喜欢用英文来发泄自己的感受 (express myself)

突然间想起以前教会的朋友,也想起学校里的“死党”。好想念他们哦!以前,和他们在一起我总是觉得很自在,很轻松,想多“八”就多“八”哈哈以前我们所玩的游戏,所谈的一些话题,所笑的笑话,令我这一生难以忘记。也还记得和他们一起吵,一起“癫”(pardon me if I use the wrong word),一起哭,一起假装生气对方(那时候我还蛮幼稚的),我可以说,经历了这一切,有他们成为我朋友是我罗恩维最大的福气。可是往往,人,总是失去了才会珍惜。当要彼此离开,走各自的路的时候,我总是要搞到关系没那么好才走。我之前有的3位好朋友,一个呢成为我的仇敌,另一个呢就完全没联络了,最后一个呢?感情好像淡了,关系也慢慢地疏远了。“后悔”,这两个字才能形容我现在的感受。可是后悔有什么用呢?也是于事无补了。都怪我不懂得珍惜眼前人跟他们一起经历的风风雨雨当然留下了宝贵,值得怀念,美好的回忆。可是只是陶醉在回忆里不会带来幸福,只会带来遗憾。所以我要珍惜眼前所拥有的,紧紧地抓住,以免将来不会像以前的我一样,遭受同一样的“遭遇”!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

YA Camp '08 Reflections...

A picture speaks a thousand words...
So, this time not much explaining. See for yourselves..
There were 3 competitive groups in the camp.

So we played and learned the Word of God at the same time. So it was kinda like a redox reaction (scientifically speaking) or to put it in a more understandable way, we killed two birds with one stone.

And yea, words of encouragement by Edwin Loh:

Didn't know that they rhyme perfectly together!!!

These were the happy times in the camp. Didn't get pics of their serious faces. If anybody has any, tell me ya!

In the end...the winners were...

Anyway, winning or losing doesn't really matter after all. The most important thing is that whether we have achieved our objectives, whether we are breaking the limits after the camp. The most joyous thing ever happened during the camp was 3 souls were saved. Praise God for that!

Sara's blog (sorry for 'stealing' ur pics without asking)
Microsoft Powerpoint (My beloved)
Sample Pictures from computer

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Revival Meeting, Melissa's Bday Celebration & Sab's Farewell Party Reflections...

It was a wonderful Friday evening as it was Revival Meeting that day(Ignore what happened on Friday morning)...Unfortunately, i forgot to bring my camera to snap some pictures. But thank God it was a 3-day meeting. So on Saturday, I brought my camera and managed to snap some pictures. So everybody was charged up in the Revival Meeting...

Everyone interceeding in prayer

After the service, we celebrated Melissa's bday in church.

The children

The youths

Then since it was still "early", we went to Sabrina's farewell party. We did a lot of chit chatting there, especially the long winded like aunties in the markets "ngee ngee ngo ngo" every morning. Anyway...

Before we left, we took a picture together (sorry, a bit blurry)

On Sunday, we had our morning service upstairs.

The youths came forward for altar call

Anyway, i learned a lot through the meetings. I learned to be a Mighty Warrior and a Faith Warrior. I also learned about Praise Toothpaste. No fluoride, no animal derivatives, no colouring and most importantly, it contains herbs and minerals which are very beneficial for our teeth. So, give Praise a try! Use Praise and smile your best all day!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Outing With Ex-Classmates..

Today some of the 5 Karismas went to Midvalley for a movie. At first, almost all the boys were supposed to join us. But, somehow i don't know what had happened, ended up only Stevie, Yunesh, Farhan and his cousin, Amri could make it. The girls couldn't come, except for Whuan Lye. So, she was the only "rose" among the boys. Then Thinesh SMSed said that he could come. So we waited for him and we MISSED our train and we had to wait for another like 10 pissed off.....
When we reached there, we ate McDonalds..reminds me of

Whuan Lye and I decided to go for shopping while the others went for bowling. So, I and Whuan Lye were like .............................................................................mother and

So we shopped and shopped and....

We didn't buy anything... -.-'

Whuan Lye felt so embarassed for not buying anything, so she bought makeup remover stuffs and chocolate nak muka...(jk jk)

I bought Chacho's and I brought it to the cinema. I know, I know, I broke the rules..No outside food or drinks allowed right? But at least I didn't dirty the place..

So Stevie, Whuan Lye and I watched Ip Man (Pronunciation-Yeep Maan) while the rest watched....i forgot the movie's name already. Ip Man is Bruce Lee's sifu..just for your info...The show was great!

Starring Donnie Yen as Ip Man...He reminds me of Jordan..hmm...but i don't know which part looks like him...

Donnie Yen

So, after the show..we took photos...

Whuan Lye's so happy until can hardly see her eyes

Yunesh...I seemed to look very happy huh? (feeling weird)

Thinesh with his...(chokes)...Brown hair

Whuan Lye posing her purplish clothes with her purplish nails and her kinda purplish bag plus her newly bought purple ball/soft toy/whatever..FYI, i bought the ball for a farewell gift...

So, we went back to our homes masing-masing. Whuan Lye and I had to take Roadliner bus back home. We waited for the bus for so long, almost 1 hour just because we stupidly missed the first bus. Plus, it was raining cats and dogs. In the bus, we had to stand because there were so many people in the bus. I got a chance to see inertia being taken place. All of us were thrown backward and forward. So funny to see those shocked faces and to hear something like "omg" in Bahasa Arab by the mak ciks...

My face was like so oily when I came back and my Gel'd hair was so slimy because of the rain..

To conclude, nice trip but bad day in the end...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Caroling Reflections..

Angels We Have Heard On High, Silent Night, O Holy Night, O Come All Ye Faithful, Joy to the World....have always been my all-time favourite Christmas Carols. Though Christmas has gone by so swiftly, yet in my heart, the Carols sung on 23rd Dec '08 remain fresh in my heart and still linger on. I guess it's because the carols were sung in a contemporary beat and tune, thumbs and toes up to Kenneth (though i do not want to say this, i just can't help giving the credit to him for it). All in we went to 10 homes to brighten up Christmas, bringing good tidings to their loved ones and friends. Exhausted as we were, yet the joy and satisfaction supersede everything else.

So, on 23rd Dec 2008, the story goes like this...

We had our caroling practice in church first

We practised very hard...really HARD!

Then we got ready to the first house...

I sat in this van, this white T-shirt lil girl was the noisiest! long story....

The not-so-noisy ones..

Waiting for signal from Kenneth

Waiting patiently...

And we SANG melodiously (as Kenneth quoted)

Scripture Reading

Then, the last house we went to was Uncle Eric's house. This time we sang all the 4 christmas carols. Actually, we were supposed to sing only 2 plus Feliz Navidad. Anyway, since it was the last house, we broke the rules..We ate and ate and took pics (silly, stupid, serious pics...) But I will not show the embarassing and silly pics because u know, sometimes it can be sensitive, u know...

Notice all of us were in blue, cause BLUE was the theme colour for caroling..

Notice that some of us were in white and some other weird colours too right? 3 possible reasons
1) They did not have blue T-shirts
2) They did not come for caroling practices
3) They did not hear the announcement on Sunday
However, not all those who were in blue were carollers..Some were fake ones..

Bread Party

The hungry boys from Africa, bread was a delicacy for them!

I didnt like that flower, I was forced to hold it just to take this silly pic with them!
Kenneth and his ORANGE flower..
John with his irritating face..