Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to serving!!!


Last Sunday, I led worship.

Because I did not lead p&w for quite some time already, so I was really nervous.
(felt like my first time worship leading back in 2005)

Anyway, I prayed about it and had a quick and thorough practice with the worship team on Sat.

I was really happy after leading worship. Felt so free letting God's anointing to flow among every worshiper in that very place of worship, though some families were not with us that day, yet we worshiped the Lord as one.

Since it's such a memorable day, I wanna record down the songs that I led
1) Prelude - Hosanna (bridge & chorus)
2) For All You've Done
3) God Of Ages
4) Change My Heart Oh God
5) Lord I Offer My Life To You

Sorry, my handphone captures blurry images only. Will remember to use a camera next time.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Faith + Hope + Love

When I was a child,

I acted like a child

I thought like a child

I reasoned like a child

And when I became a man,

I put aside all my childish ways

"...only three things remain...

But the greatest of these is LOVE."
1 Corinthians 13:13

Friday, August 7, 2009

Pics to share...

So this is my life in KTT...

This is my apartment...clean?

It's not easy to find guys who can keep their place this clean ok?

My table...the smallest table in KTT...

Last Monday was "Chakdey India" organised by KTT's Indian Cultural Society...

"Chakdey" means go for it...so it means GO INDIA!!! (so happen I'm going India...)

I joined the "Kolam" Competition. "Kolam" refers to decorative artwork drawn on the floor in front of houses during special occasions...

Jane, Bibiana and I decided to give it a try...

From Left: Jane, Bibi, Edwin

The rest of those who took part...

When 2 poor-in-art people (Jane and I) and an ok-ok-in-art person (Bibiana) gather together, we produced a magnificent beautiful "kolam"...

(same concept as "-" plus "-" plus "neutral", it comes out "+")

Our masterpiece...

The results are not out yet...Do you think we deserve getting top 3?

Frankly speaking, I do think so...lol...

Last Thursday and Friday, some of us went to Methodist Nilai for Raymond Looi and Henry Chong Chinese Oldies Evangelistic Concert.

Some of the seniors went with us on the first day...The Chinese oldies were not that bad actually, in fact the songs were really nice when they were sung in a contemporary version...

I enjoyed Henry Chong's message, it really touched my heart. I absolutely love his mandarin, love the words he use, someday I want to be like him, speaking mandarin fluently...currently still speaking almost like a banana, still need more practice...

On the 2nd day, the seniors dumped us....Only Cheng went with us...I invited some of my non-christian friends and surprisingly, they accepted my invitation and went with us...Praise the Lord! God indeed answers prayers!

The message on Friday was even more powerful. Henry said that, "All religions teach us to be good people, but Christianity teaches us to believe in Jesus so that we can have eternal life and have a personal relationship with Him!"

Isn't that cool? Wow...

Before going back, we ceased the opportunity to take some shots with both singers...


This Monday KTT had Blood Donation Campaign organised by the Counseling Unit.

I wanted so much to donate blood...so I registered my name...

But I had a problem, I'm 45kg and the condition is above 45kg...

Aiyah, miss by a kg!

So, I went and ate biscuits and proceeded to the mamak stall and ate rice, hoping to increase a kg or at least half a kg...Daniel discouraged me, but I wasn't that easy to give up...

To cut the story short, I managed to pass the weight test!
My determination was paid off.

Unfortunately, I wasn't eligible to donate blood because I just had my hep B jab two weeks ago...

And yea, I just knew that my blood group is A...

So, this is my life in KTT. The end!