Friday, September 25, 2009

Holiday at Johor Reflections...

Our first stop, Muar. Uncle Mike and Aunty Lilian brought us there for lunch. The food there was sumptous - especially the fried sotong ...YUMMY!

Our second stop, JB. As usual, my hospitable Aunt Eunice and Uncle Hock Quan brought us out for dinner. A lavish dinner indeed. We put up a night there. Helped Dua Ee to set up facebook too...

Our third stop, Singapore. This year we didn't stay there; we went jalan-jalan along Bugis Street. Didn't shop much, prices have gone up a lot. Singapore's youngsters are really fashionable - not lala and simple, not too sexy and not too conservative. Why can't we Malaysian youngsters learn to dress like them leh? Haih...

Our fourth stop, JB again. Had breakfast and did some shopping at Holiday Plaza. Bought some necessary stuff. Never missed a McD sundae cone.

Our fifth stop, Skudai. Of course, we ate duck rice la, Ah Xian went there before leh...haha...Met a humorous waiter but to the Loh brothers he was kinda irritating...

Our sixth stop, Pulai Springs Resort. A golf and recreation resort with breathtaking scenery
, a place where you can leave your troubles behind and head into a green haven overlooking Mount Pulai. Truly a country club charm with a touch of elegance, love that place! We stayed at CintaAyu All Suites Hotel and of course, I personally enjoyed the swimming pools and the comfy pillows. Because of the pillows, I slept like never before.

That was the end of our Johor trip.

Last stop, Tampin. Exhausted. But the cool thing was we still attended Prayer Meeting, praying for the needs of many people. Had dinner after that. Went Uncle Mike's house for some light supper. Went back home and watched "Raya Bersama Datin Wanabe". I laughed my heads off.

Let me share with you my holiday trip pics with you guys...Share my joy with you all, I never like to keep it to myself you know. Huhu...

I'm always in the middle. That's the disadvantage of being the middle child. Can't taste the syokness of taking photo at either sides.

That's photography...

This is the pillow that I'm talking about...I'll miss you, pillows!

As for now, I have to pull up my socks and start packing my things to go back to college. Still do not know my mid-sem results, keeping my fingers crossed!

So this is my prayer:
Lord, I don't want a C but if I deserved a C, let Your will be done! I'll do better next time!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Underweight Woes...

" Eh, Irene, why your second son so thin wan? He very 'san' oh...(Hokkien word)..."

" Edwin, you never eat rice ah? Why are you so thin? "

" Edwin how heavy are you ah? Hah!!! XX kg!!! You anorexic ah? "

I have been hearing this since Standard 6.

And my answer is..." Hmm...I don't know? "

I've tried eating more, I've tried working out and I'm still doing so...

I did what I should.

You do not have my body and you do not understand how it works. I'm not like some who can eat three to four bowls of rice at one time. My body does not work like yours. So please try not to ask me the same questions over and over again. My answer is still the same. I know some of you ask me these questions out of concern and I appreciate them very much. But, give me a break please.

It's not that I didn't gain weight. I did. Look...this is a 2003 photo.

Why do people just love to look at how pretty, how handsome, how sharp your nose is, how shapely or muscular your body is, how 'kuaci' your face is and bla bla bla?

At least I have tried to keep myself fit, and that's why my body seldom succumbs to illness. Thank God for giving me good health thus far. Most importantly, my body is the temple of the Holy Ghost.

Underweight people may be feeble physically, but doesn't mean they are feeble-minded. They may look small, but doesn't mean that they are small-hearted.

I'm still trying...Give me some time...Be patient with me...

Perhaps 5 years from now...with the help of a professional bro?