Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010 Reflections...

After the much hectic schedule of preparing for Christmas 2010, finally it's all over. The real message of Christmas was once again spread across the little town of Tampin. And I was given another opportunity to glimpse at the nativity through Christmas Carols and the scriptures read in the account of Matthew & Luke.

Ok, just to reflect back the Christmas programmes that were held a few days back.

WHAATEVER! 2 Christmas Edition (18th Dec)

Power Kids Christmas Party (19th Dec)

Christmas Caroling
(22nd Dec)

Congrats to TM and also Lynna Kew for their excellent results for PMR. keep up the good work and shine for Jesus! And not forgetting the others - Andrew, Madeline....



'Christmas Is The Gift' Celebration
(24th Dec)
Apart from all the crazy photo sessions & food(calories, calories & more calories as quoted by Kent). I realized something.

3 years ago, I wasn't fond of coming to this place to serve. I could have friends where we could hang out in shopping malls, bowling alleys & taking pictures in hotels & posh restaurants during church anniversaries.

Now, having served for 3 years, I realized that a simple game of captain ball or a jog exploring the town, getting chased by dogs, being frightened by geese and chickens could be fun too. Speaking broken mandarin, comparing Tampin & the mighty KL, could easily be the source of our laughter. Instead of learning, I got to teach people my little knowledge of LCD & PA. The Bible says, it is more blessed to give than to receive. I'm a blessed child indeed!

No doubt there were ups and downs, there were frustrations and disappointments. However, the years spent here were not wasted. The seeds were sown still. God is omnipresent, I can serve God anywhere.

I once heard of this saying - "只要你肯包容一切的不完美,那就一切完美了".


可惜的, 有一些人却以为不读经,不祷告,迟来教会是可以包容的,不负责任的行为是可以体谅的。看到他们真的觉得好心酸,有时候甚至很看不起他们。对不起,我讲话有点激动,请多多包涵。

上帝有一定的标准的。人却把它降低 for their own convenience。 这是不应该的。

你看,my blog post 离题了。

In conclusion, it's a blessing to serve! And never compromise God's standards.

Anyway, I still love Kajang more than Tampin. Sorry, Tampin folks! hahahaha

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010

PK Retreat Reflections...

PK Retreat was great. This 3D2N stay in Swiss Garden Resort, Kuantan taught me many things being a PK.

During the OT times, having a birthright entitles you to a generational blessing. Being a PK is like having a birthright. I learned that we are actually a blessed group of people! That got me thinking a lot, am I living like a blessed guy or am I like Esau, selling my birthright freely? A question that I should ponder from time to time.

Pastor Gabe Ahn preached about our identities in Christ which will lead to our destiny.

Identity 1: We are God's workmanship/masterpiece.
Identity 2: We are sons and daughters of God.
Identity 3: We are royalty/princes & princesses.
Identity 4: We are Christ's mouthpiece.

As simple as all these 4, many times we have never really believed them and taken them closely to our hearts. But in this camp God assured me over and over again that I'm somebody, and I'm special in His eyes.

Actually I do not have many problems being a PK for 19 years, and I like being one, even sharing with people about my experience as a PK. Just that people would expect me to be like perfect all the time, that gave me lots of stress. However, to look at the other side, it's not a bad thing also. That actually pushed me further to become as perfect as what God wants me to be. Even God's word says in

Matthew 5:48
"Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect."

Today, although I'm still not perfect, but I thank the Lord for who I am now. Because God used church people to correct my faults and mould me to become an example for others.

Made many friends too. I can't be crazy within 3 days, so I was a lil' quiet. Hahaha...

Monday, December 6, 2010

After CAL...

Wow, how time flies! 2 years have swiftly gone by since the day I began my post-SPM life as a blogger. Reading back my previous blog posts has indeed made me realized how blessed I am. I guess blogging is a good way of counting my blessings. :)

From being blessed with relatively good results, to obtaining a scholarship from the government, and the little little blessings in between, cumulatively show how sufficient His extravagant grace is for me.

I'm still in the midst of my gaining weight programme, yes, with much determination and faith. Just that I'm overloaded with carbs & sugar (as stated in my fb status), I wouldn't want to end up being warded. So having a balanced diet is still vital.

Last week we had a farewell service for the Kongs. It wasn't so teary but what I could see in them was their love for Tampin and LWAOG. Like what Aunty Grace said, it's not a loss, but a time where people will step out from their comfort zone and start serving God. Thank you Kongs for your selfless service in LWAOG. May God continue to use you mightily wherever you are.

Hannah is missing...

Uncle Lawrence's son, Edwin got married last Sunday. He's Edwin Tan btw. I presented 2 wedding songs - I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman & Endless Love by Lionel Richie. Not much of stage fright anymore, because mum always pushes me up on stage to perform on weddings. As usual, nobody listened. HAHA. Only some of my supportive church friends lent their ears. Love you guys!

And my voice is getting worse. :(

Driving lessons with dad was unforgettable. I hate it when the car mati engine CONTINUOUSLY. Whenever I couldn't brake on time, dad's frightened face was memorable. His 'BRAKE, BRAKE!' tagline is what that keeps me laughing whenever boredom kicks in.

Have to start packing. Pastor's children retreat tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

America's next top model- family guy

I recalled an episode in America's next top model few years ago where Tyra Banks got mad with one of the contestants.

Didn't know Family Guy had a parody of this episode. I couldn't stop laughing, especially when the lizard came out from Tyra's mouth. LOL!!!

I had my last paper today. Felt like a large rock on my head, yes my head, has just been lifted up. Now I'm back here in Kajang, living like my post-SPM lifestyle again. It feels good. But sooner or later, I'll get bored and start missing KTT.

I'll miss you my study pals,

Not forgetting, Mr.Boo/Mr. Smelly,

And my CF pals who came for the last CF practice,

God bless you all! See you in BTN!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Spent hours with Kenneth making this simple 50-second video.

Yet, it's satisfying to know that we are doing this for His glory.

Tampin residents out there, get ready for WHAATEVER! v2.0 cum Christmas Edition!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Katharine McPhee - Terrified ft. Zachary Levi

I dedicate this song to all couples

Perhaps I'll feel this way when God's best comes into my life. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I first heard of this singer called Katy Perry sometime in January last year. I recalled I was then in KTM with my friends. Seeing me so restless sitting there alone, this friend of mine approached me with her MP3 player.

“Hey, hear this song, really nice, by Katy Perry!”

“Katy what?”

“Katy Perry la, you don’t know meh? Nah, listen, bet you’ll like it.”

She stuffed the ear phone into my ears.

The song sounded really cool, the beat was very catchy, but…I Kissed A Girl?

“This singer is a He or a She?”

“She la!”

Okay, I knew this singer was not one whom I should look up to. I passed the earphones back to my friend.

“Not for me, sorry!”

After more than 1.5 years have gone by, the name Katy Perry came back to my ears. Heard that she became really famous after she sang “I Kissed A Girl”. Everybody is talking about her, everybody is falling in love with her songs. I didn’t care much until one of my friends told me she’s a pastor’s daughter. I was like “What!”…

I googled her and I found out that both her parents are pastors from California (Now I know why she sang “California Girls”). Before that, she sang in church and even released a gospel album before.

Haih…no words can describe how disappointed I am.

She could have used her fame to testify about God’s goodness. She could have become a great role model to many Christian youths outside there, and an inspiration to pastor’s kids like me. I guess she really forgot to count her blessings - the singing talent, the gift of dancing, and even the pretty look she possesses.

It’s not wrong to become famous. We can use our fame to draw people’s attention to hear our testimonies, like what some HK celebrities are doing now. However, when popularity goes over the top, if not handled properly, it kills! Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera all started singing in church, but they took for granted of their God-given gifts. See how they have become.

We should pray for these celebrities, so that they will turn back to God. Perhaps they have not experienced God in their lives; they just believe what their parents believe. That’s saddening. Like mum said before, “Your parents’ salvation does not earn you a place in heaven.”

The decision to believe in Jesus Christ is a personal choice and making right choices are indeed so crucial.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm gonna miss that.

I love gatherings.

I love fellowship with my friends.

But, I'm gonna miss that soon.

" Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things. "

Thank you, I appreciate it lots.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I always have no idea on titles...

Life is no brief candle to me.

It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got a hold of for a moment,

And I want to make it burn as brightly as possible

Before handling it on to future generations.

- George Bernard Shaw

I have passed the baton. But,

Did I achieve the goal? Did I manage to pass down the legacy?

Well, it's a matter of time and we'll see as everything takes its course.

Things change, people change,

It doesn't mean you forget the past or try to cover it up.

It also doesn't mean you dwell in the past and keep whining about it.

It simply means that you move on and treasure all the memories.

That was me few days ago.

I learned NMR from youtube today. Thank God at least I got the rough idea about it.

It's only through life's bends and turns

That we can truly GROW and learn.

Yea, I'm really growing now. Forced to grow like a plant being given auxin continuously.

Like today, my dad gave me money and asked me to eat in McD.

They are trying to "fatten" me up.

How about that?

It feels good to be underweight sometimes. Hahahaha....

I am getting crazier each day. Maegy influenced me.

I guess it is one of the ways of de-stressing myself.

Friday, September 3, 2010

For the persecuted bros & sis...

I could vividly remember Open Doors came to minister in Living Water. They came and shared with us during Good Friday and Easter Sunday service last year. Open Doors is a movement that provides news and information about the persecuted churches worldwide. Today as I was browsing through some books, I came across the bulletin from Open Doors in between my abandoned Form 5 revision books, or chucked away to be accurate. I did not plan to read it actually. However the sudden thought of "I have to improve my English" came to my mind. So I took and read it.

Guess what, it's not a coincidence that I had that thought at that instant.

As I read through page after page, seeing Christians all around the world receiving relentless persecution - threatened, imprisoned, executed for the sake of the gospel, my heart was filled with deep compassion.

I thought, "Perhaps this is why Open Doors exists."

This critical point made by Al Jassen, co-author of Light Force and Secret Believers struck me .

"Our ministry is to strengthen the church under persecution, not to eliminate persecution."

In Uzbekistan, Marina, the wife of David Shestakov, who was arrested and sentenced to 4 years detention for what the authorities called "illegal religious activities", made her testimony.

"While David's imprisonment has been very traumatic for us, there have been some real benefits. We started to pray more as a family. My girls are getting kinder, they are good to each other and they comfort each other. Sometimes I brought the girls along to see their dad. It is important to for them to see dad in prison, knowing he is not a criminal, but suffers for Jesus."

How more powerful can that statement be?

As I read further, it seemed that Christians from China were under strict surveillance too. I admire their passion and perseverance, not to forget the optimism that they possessed during those difficult times. They even said that they liked persecution because it brought them closer to God and also gave them the opportunity to share the Good News with others.

Aren't we so so so much blessed than them?

Still don't feel blessed enough?

- Christians in North Korea are persecuted constantly and some are even executed secretly.
- In Saudi Arabia & Iran, conversion is punishable by death if the accused does not recant.
- There is no visible church in Afghanistan.
- A very tiny minority of ethnic Somalis are practising their faith in secret.
- It's impossible to open a church in Maldives. Only a handful of indigenous believers who live their faith in complete secrecy.
- In Laos, from time to time believers are arrested; many are tortured to renounce their faith.
- In Eritrea, Eritrean church leaders told Open Doors that almost 3000 Christians had been incarcerated for Christ.

These things are still happening today. Yes, today, in this "civilized" and "democratic" world.

Yet His Grace will be sufficient for us to go through whatever challenges or situations that he may put us in.

And you'll be amazed how real God really is to our hearts.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

2nd post from KTT library...

I'm staying back this week because Pre-A2 will be from next Monday till next next Friday.
Boyy, that's gonna be really long.
But, thinking of the super exciting & stress-free KI continually motivates me to study hard and give my best shot for A2. After that, I am free!!! (for few months only la...)

Wow, how time flies! I already took my AS, IELTS, then got my results, and now 2 months++ to graduation night. Anyway, praise the Lord for keeping the promise He gave to me through His servant Susu who encouraged me with a verse from Romans 8:28 in November last year. I got 4As for AS examination, it was really a blessing! As for IELTS, I did not do so well, I got Band 7, but I also thank God for that. I guess I need to read more, write more (using proper English) and to be careful with my grammar in speech as well.

Last Wednesday was exciting, CF election night. The election lasted really long, maybe because there were so many nominees. Thank God for choosing these 12 out of the multitudes to take over CF. It's not going to be easy, it has never been easy also. I believe that it's not just their "potentials" that got them a post in CF, but their passion to serve and also their hearts that are longing to see CF going from strength to strength, from glory to glory. Congrats to...

President: I-vonne (Maegyvear)
V. President 1: Benjamin (Edwin, that's me!)
V. President 2: Xiu Jing (Joyner)
Secretary: Geraldine (Sophia)
Treasurer: Joseph (Mark)
Praise & Worship: Lynton (Ricky & Gavin)
Prayer 1: Esther (Willy)
Prayer 2: Jude (Willy)
Event: Corine (Melissa)
Music: Rachel (new post)
Sports: Jacinta (Victor)
Media & Publicity: Yong Kuang (Gebby & Ling)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

KTM reflections...

Went back home by KTM last Friday.

KTM was packed with people, and as usual, I was sandwiched right after I entered the train.

'Banyak orang banyak ragam', so true. Young people nowadays have various behavioral features, some are really weird - their outfits explained it all.

A scarf around a guy's neck on a hot sunny day?
A girl wearing a beautiful dress, but YELLOW socks and sport shoes with sunglasses?
Weird looking hairstyles that actually made me thought for a moment whether I was in Japan or not.

Not only that, in desperate situations, where everyone is in need of something that can keep them from falling, yesterday's incident reflected the selfishness of people in our present society. I don't understand why young people, who have received moral education since their primary years, could not even bother to give their seats to parents cuddling babies, who were standing with a lack of steadiness and to the older ones breathing profusely. What a saddening sight!

I was there too, standing throughout the journey. Good thing Kajang was 3 to 4 stations away from Nilai, I didn't have to stand for too long, carrying my green-china-looking luggage bag and college bag.

There was this tall, sexy, diva-ish Thai lady came into the train. All eyes were on her once she entered. I was really disgusted to see old men, like in their 50s, 60s, kept looking at her throughout the journey like what Hokkien people says, "ham sap gui", means hantu miang.

More and more people entered the train after each stop, they pushed me, leaving my luggage bag about 1 metre away from me. I was like "Excuse me, my luggage bag!", "Tolong ambil beg saya yang warna hijau tu, please..."

Everybody was in the midst of maintaining their stability, but, there was this Indian boy boasting away about his results. Aiyo, ama ama...I was like "Stop blowing your trumpet la, and don't talk so loud, nobody is interested to know you got first class honours for 1st sem, 2nd sem, 3rd sem and all the other sems la..." I was praying that nobody brought a gun, if not, he would be shot at his mouth for sure.

"And aunty, don't breathe with your mouth, your breath is not that nice to smell la, do consider this poor little chinese boy in front of you." "And yea, do remember to brush your teeth and put deodorant before you step out from your house, have mercy on our present society!"

The hardest part was getting out from that crowded train. I didn't care much about my reputation at that time, I just screamed like a typical chinese aunty from pasar "Excuse me, saya nak keluar!" Good thing I'm small in size, I managed to squeeze through heading towards the door.

Moral Lesson:
In desperate situations, people can do anything. Like me, screaming on top of my voice.
Try taking KTM during peak hours, it's a place where you can see the true colours of people.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

July Reflections...


Finally exams are over (I mean mid-sem and IELTS only). At least some heavy burdens are laid down, and now I can pay full attention on my scary A2 syllabus. AS results will be out on 12th August, followed by IELTS results the next day. How do I feel about that? Mixed feelings of fear and also assurance that God is there no matter how my results turn out to be. But, there's one thing I really hope and pray for, that is my friends will not end up in disappointment. Oh yea, I seriously hope that Loony & my other friends can get top in the world!

Since the juniors came, I tried to set a good example to them. It wasn't hard actually, but still I made mistakes. I joined in the open dance floor during ICS charity night. Sad to say, I lost control of myself. It wasn't a pleasant sight at all. Thank God Wily was there to pull me away from the crowd. Guilt gripped me after that. And so I told some juniors not to pattern after this bad example of mine. But why did I have to tell them? Because if I didn't, they would think it's okay. No, it's not okay. Dancing is alright, but getting overboard is not good. Here I want to say sorry if I in any way, gave you a bad impression about CF because of me. It was not CF's fault, but mine. Better don't go clubbing...

Anyway, thanks to all CF choir members who performed that night! They all gave their best and I believe it's not for their glory. Good job!

My CF committee gave me a study bible for my birthday. Yea, they gave me the present 3 months after my 19th birthday. 3 MONTHS??!!! Yea, but I still love them anyway. Haha... And you wouldn't want to know the 'persecutions' and 'sufferings' I had to endure in order to get this gift. It was certainly a memorable one!

Last Saturday, my family and I attended SMKSI's 10th anniversary dinner. Well, the most interesting part I think was the performance by Dafi and Farah AF. Wow! Didn't know my ex-school could invite such famous artistes to perform for the dinner. Bangga giler!

L.O.L is Living Water AOG's next A.W.E.S.O.M.E event organised by YA. Looking forward to that. I wonder how it's gonna be like? Who laughs the loudest? Well, Melzie would win if she joins. Haha... Magdeline stands a chance as well! LOL!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Orientation 2010 Reflections...

Orientation for the juniors this year was kinda fun. Though I wasn't a faci, but I had quite a bit of fun talking to some of the juniors and selling my books was one of the best part. It was a great experience as I have to put my marketing skills into action. Haha... You never know how tough it was to "promote" my products in 3 different languages - English, Mandarin & Malay(that was the hardest part).

We have 100+ people who came for CF. It was a WOW number! Everything went on well. Pastor Dave shared about Daniel. SIC performance was an eye-opener to me personally. Haha... The video about CF was also awesome, except for the dancing part.

For more blog posts about the orientation, you can read Loon Han's, Maegyvear's and Harjir's blog. Very interesting!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dottie, Reba and Destiny - REMIND ME DEAR LORD

Remind Me Dear Lord

Written by Dottie Rambo

Verse I:

The things that I love, and hold dear to my heart

Are just borrowed they’re not mine at all

Jesus only let me use them to brighten my life

So remind me, remind me dear Lord


Roll back the curtain of memories now and then

Show me where you brought me from

And where I could have been

Remember I’m human, and humans forget

So remind me, remind me dear Lord

Verse II:

Nothing good have I done to deserve God’s own Son

I’m not worthy of the scars in His hand

Yet He chose the road to Calv’ry to die in my stead

Why He loved me, I can’t understand

I got to hear this lovely song last Sunday in my church service. My dad's preaching sermon was about "Why the Righteous Suffer?". He preached that in connection to the news that shocked our country about the death of 5 family members from the Wee Family in a tragic car accident. I recalled that day when I heard about the news and my heart was filled with unusual sadness, even though I never knew them. I nearly shed a tear when I read the news about their funeral service and learned about how strong the eldest daughter, Joy was during the whole event.

As all of us know, they were Christians. One really distinct difference that I can see in a Christian memorial or funeral service is there's no wailing or shouting. What I have always observed and felt in a Christian memorial service was PEACE. Of course, sadness and grief would definitely be present at that very moment. Tears would certainly flow naturally as well. However, God's word says that this is not the end yet. We still have the hope to meet those who already gone before us. HOPE is there, at that solemn service. Nothing could be any more comforting than knowing there's HOPE.

This song really reminds me that everything that I hold dear to my heart (my family, my friends, my scholarship, etc) are just a loan from God and they're not mine at all. The 2nd verse grips my heart. Why did Jesus choose the road to Calvary for us? Why He chose to love us when we don't love Him? I can't understand, I can't comprehend. If that isn't LOVE, then what is it? What is it?

People, be grateful with what you have now because one day, you have to return back all these things to the owner. Appreciate them while you still can!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pictures from Penang...

Definition of Penang:
Yummy City, World of Food!!!

Got Georgetown White Coffee some more! LOL

I thought DSLR only can take WOW pictures, tak sangka my Canon Ixus 60 can make wonders too! Me likes!

Here comes the menyampah picture.

Can't help it. When a kampung boy gets to go to a fitting room in a shopping mall, he must take an emo shot of himself before leaving.

Juniors are coming next week. Heard that about 215 nons will be coming to KTT. Wow, that's a lot! Woot Woot!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Penang! Penang!

Currently in Hotel Royal Penang. Just came back from a swim and a 10-minute sauna, but it was pointless for me, because obviously no fats to be burned. Haha...

Just now was really cool. Did some shopping at Gurney Plaza. I thought the things there would be costly, but to my surprise, they are actually quite cheap. Went to all sorts of food courts to try their Hokkien Mee(Prawn Mee), Kuey Teow and of course, desserts!!! Cendol, Ais Kacang, Fruit Juices came just right in time to quench my thirst, after a long time walking under the hot scorching sun, hunting for Penang's best.

Comparing Penang to KL, one of the most distinct differences I can see is the people. In KL, most of them speak Cantonese. However, in Penang, everywhere Hokkien. It was really tough to understand them because their "loghat" is a bit different. Thank God they could speak English also, no grammar mistakes somemore, better than KL people leh...hehe...

Ok, that's all. Going to enjoy myself in the bath tub now. Bye!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

突然好想用中文来写部落格。这几天的假期没什么特别。只是最近想了很多,觉得很多人都变了。本来对某些事情很坚持的,突然间变得很随便了。本来忠心耿耿的,也渐渐变心了。原本很脆弱的,也因为一两次的“教训”而变得更勇敢,结果整天带着苦瓜脸,令人看了好心酸。Haih... 人,真的在那么短暂的日子里,那么容易变吗?


Friday, June 4, 2010

The songs I listen to

I felt that I have been sinning lately. And I always feel that way whenever I sing some songs that really contradict to the Bible's teachings. I have been singing Lady Gaga's "Pokerface" because I felt that the song was really nice. However, I also knew that the main idea of the song is about bisexuality and lyrically it's about sex and gambling. Yet, I still sing it like it's okay to sing it, what's worse is that I sang it in CF practice with others. I'm really sorry about that.

Well, some of you might think it's nothing wrong singing these songs, it's just a song, you don't have to agree with what the song says. Sorry, not for me. To me, it's like saying out hurtful words to someone and then I say, "This is not from my heart." I can't, I think God would be much more delighted if I put in more time to listen songs containing better messages.

I think God does care about what we hear. If not, he wouldn't have raised up so many Christian bands & singers like Darlene Zschech, Reuben Morgan, Chris Tomlin, Avalon, FIR...to introduce to us so many beautiful Christian songs. I can imagine God in heaven grinning from ear to ear looking at us singing His songs. But, if we sing songs related to sex, violence, hatred...how will God's reaction be in heaven?

You may say I'm super darn holy. Yes, I AM and I choose to live my life for Him. I can't serve God on one hand, and on the other hand I sing about bisexuality. I can't, it's very hypocritical for me to do that.

This is just my opinion about this. I'm not sure if anyone is with me in this matter. Even if there isn't any, I will still be firm about this. I want to set a new normal for myself. Like what my mum said in CF today, "Oh be careful little ears what you hear..."

Very true.

Mopping out of LOVE

This morning we helped the aunty cleaners to mop the floor. The girls prepared the breakfast.
We were glad that we did something meaningful today.
We hoped that the aunty cleaners will know that it's because of God that we could do such a thing.
Thank God for helping us to do this out of LOVE.
I guess God really loves these aunty cleaners.
Thanks to all who helped out this morning.

Friday, April 16, 2010

What I Have Been Doing Lately...

Just some updates when I was MIA.


Celebrated CNY.
Not much difference as compared to last few years' CNY, just that I looked more matured this year. The hair, the outfit, everything seemed too old for me. I wasn't fond of hearing the latest CNY songs like I used to. Guess it's because of my A-levels. Woe to you, A-levels!

Why Fabulous?
It was saddening to know that my CNY holidays was only for a week. But, my CNY mood did not fade off once I stepped back into my college, nor did the study mood start to fill my life once again. We were preparing for our college's CNY celebration conducted by our newly formed Chinese Cultural Education Society (CCES). I became the MC, which I had never thought in a million years that I would ever be one, even if it's a small scale celebration. Well, God gave me the guts and it turned out good! I also participated in the singing and also a sketch where I became the STAR of the day - Maria the maid. Some even suggested that I should make a series where I fall in love with my boss and have children...(dumbfounded)

Why marvelous? For the 1st time our college organised an event that I like - Festival Seni or FESNI. I was "destined" to be in the green contingent. I hate that colour, why not yellow?, I questioned, I wailed, but nobody seemed to care and attend to me...sobs...Every green team member had to join at least one event. So I chose the easiest one - CHOIR. Never did I know that I would become the choir leader, never did I know that I would play the keyboard and never ever did I know that I would take this choir thing so seriously. However, CROCS managed to get into the finals. Though the green choir team did not obtain the utmost victory, but deep down in our hearts we were glad that it was over. The best thing was people from other contingents came and told us we were the best. Wow, that feeling was awesome. A pat in the back plus a word of encouragement were a lot more satisfying than gaining the prize!

Why awesome? Because Jesus died for you and me! Celebrated Good Friday and Easter Sunday in church. I learned that Jesus' resurrection gives us:

1. The power to change our lives

2. The power to do good & to be good.

3. The power to cancel our pasts.

Col 2:13 when you were dead in your sins and in … your sinful nature, God made you alive with Christ. He forgave us all our sins, 14having canceled … he took it away, nailing it to the cross。

Jn 3:17 Jesus didn't come to condemn the world but thru Him the world might be saved

Ro 8:1 "There is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus

4. The power to conquer our problems

5. The power to change our character

It's awesome to continually being reminded of the cross and how we should bear the cross and not just wearing the cross. I love this song "It's Your Love" which says,

What grace divine what selflessness

That Christ would bear the weight

Our proof is scarred on hands that bled

That we were worth every nail

and also Verse 3 that says:

Beyond the tomb to holy skies

He rose in victory

And bridged for us the great divide

His life is our liberty

It's his LOVE that has saved me.
It's his BLOOD that has claimed me.
What more can I say but WOW?

Revo Nilai was the next BIG thing that I went for. It was on the 10th April. The hall was packed and I believe that lives were transformed and renewed. Yes, I want to be a world changer!

How? Proverbs 3:5
" Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all ways acknowledge Him and He'll make your paths straight."

Currently working on "Put it in a love song" by Alicia Keys, competing for E-Wards...

Monday, March 29, 2010

something to reflect upon...

you say,
how can you become a dentist when you don't brush your teeth twice a day?

same thing,
how can you not serve GOD if you say that you love Him?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

WHAATEVER! Reflections...

How do I feel about WHAATEVER!? Two words: AWESOMELY FUN!!!
Anyway, for the others who do not know what WHAATEVER stands for, it's Work Hard As A Team EVER!
Yea, we achieved our objectives and managed to see team spirit among the youths. Besides that, WHAATEVER was a time to unleash their physical, mental and emotional potential...lol

Station: Kawaii Photoshop
Condition: Must be cutie...


This freestyle shot is so cool...especially the guy in black...

We also had "Say The 10", "Dig It" and "Touch Not The Ground".

"Dig It" was gruesome...Just to find a marble inside 2 pails filled with spoiled vegetables, mud, soil, sand, little stones and of course water to memeriahkan the...hmm...whateverrr...

Touch Not The Ground

Station: Filmography

Situation: A mother in labour at the maternity ward

Situation: The Cover of A High Fashion Magazine

Promoting watch huh?

Situation: Zoo Negara

BEWARE of these MAMMALS!!!

Group C got 1st place, followed by Group B, Group A and the last, Group D.
My group lost because of the games la...but we definitely beat all of them in the posing and the memorising...WHATEVERRRR!!!....

Last shot of the day

Thanks to
* Kenneth
WHAATEVER! organiser
* Station masters - Aunty Siew Lee, mum, Uncle Joseph
* Memory Shooter - Uncle Say Heng
* Refreshment - Aunty May Lan