Friday, January 29, 2010

A song...

This song really captures my heart, a lot.

Linguistic Reflections...

Exam is over!!! Err...not exactly, we still have IELTS reading test after this at 3pm. So for the next 4 hours I will be flipping the pages of Thesaurus. Yesterday after CF I took my IELTS book and started doing the reading test. Only then I knew that my vocab is so bad, I had to read the particular sentence over and over again to grasp it's meaning. After much perseverence in trying to figure out what the definiton of those words were, which somehow looked like strangers to me, I finally humbled myself to check the dictionary. Merely from yesterday, I gained many insights - not just learning new words, but also some facts that I never knew before!

There was this particular reading passage that I read last night concerning about languages. I knew that some languages are at the point of "extinction". However, I was taken aback when I was informed that not some, but half of the world's 6,800 languages are likely to vanish within 2 generations - that's one language lost every ten days!

It came to me the story about the Jews being held in captivity by the Babylonians. Their mother language, Habrew since then had not been used by the Jews, as their way of life were influenced and structured by the linguistic habits of their community and geographical locations. Because of that, they lost their mother tongue in which I can say it's a loss of priceless culture. Imagine, traditions cultivated and practised by our ancestors being passed down from generations to generations, destroyed due to factors relating to government policies, economic globalisation plus losing pride in their own mother tongue. That is saddening.

However, God is so good and still remains faithful to the people of Israel. In 1946, He reunited back the Jews and guess what, the long lost Hebrew language was revived again! A languge that remained dormant for almost 2000 years, suddenly became alive again...I cannot fathom. It's a miracle!

I also thought for a while ," How did these languages come from?" So I called my dad and asked him. He asked me to read Genesis 11 and then only I knew. Long time ago, the people spoke a single language only, but as the population grew, they began to talk about building a great city, a temple tower reaching to the skies - a monument to themselves. God was upset because the people developed pride in themselves, so He gave them different languages. As a result, they were scattered all over the earth and the building of the tower of Babel was barred.

But why did God do that? Why did He want to scatter the people and gave them different languages? I was confused and kept asking why. Well, sometimes we humans just love to question God this, question God that, holding Him responsible for whatever that dawns upon us. But we fail to see His other blessings that are continually pouring down on us - our health, our loved ones, our country. Even life is a miracle, since nobody can deny that life is fragile. Even when it comes to academic results, some did well and some didn't. Does that mean God hates those who didn't do well? Sometimes, hard and difficult times, trials and testings, mould us to become a stronger person, inside out.

Perhaps God gave us different languages so that we can have a chance to discover each other's culture. If we were to have a single language, there won't be any TV shows about tourism, celebs going to distant places, blowing us away with the uniqueness of the those cultures we have never seen before, informing us about their importance.

Well, I guess besides Coca-Cola, there's a word, a Hebrew word to be exact, that is used all over the world - Hallelujah. Imagine, Christians gathering as one body, uniting their hearts together, shouting Hallelujah and praising God. What a sight to behold! Our God is a God of one language, one tribe and one nation. We lay down our differences and unite together with our similarities. Our God is for all, not just for one particular nation, not just for the rich or poor, or the strong, or the meek. He supercedes science because He is the creator of science. He supercedes history because He's the Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end. He supercedes all languages because He created languages and He will also unite us together with one language - Hallelujah!

29th Jan 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Forgive and don't retaliate...

At this time of distress and fear, all the more we should pray.

Pray that we can forgive them.

Retaliation is not the way to resolve the issue.

Heard that because of this, many believers have decided not to go to church.

Where's our faith? Continue to hold onto the promises of God!

If God is for us, who can be against us?

Anyway, I'm thankful that the Government is strongly against this matter.

Just continue to pray, I believe things will change for the better.