Sunday, February 7, 2010

WHAATEVER! Reflections...

How do I feel about WHAATEVER!? Two words: AWESOMELY FUN!!!
Anyway, for the others who do not know what WHAATEVER stands for, it's Work Hard As A Team EVER!
Yea, we achieved our objectives and managed to see team spirit among the youths. Besides that, WHAATEVER was a time to unleash their physical, mental and emotional

Station: Kawaii Photoshop
Condition: Must be cutie...


This freestyle shot is so cool...especially the guy in black...

We also had "Say The 10", "Dig It" and "Touch Not The Ground".

"Dig It" was gruesome...Just to find a marble inside 2 pails filled with spoiled vegetables, mud, soil, sand, little stones and of course water to memeriahkan the...hmm...whateverrr...

Touch Not The Ground

Station: Filmography

Situation: A mother in labour at the maternity ward

Situation: The Cover of A High Fashion Magazine

Promoting watch huh?

Situation: Zoo Negara

BEWARE of these MAMMALS!!!

Group C got 1st place, followed by Group B, Group A and the last, Group D.
My group lost because of the games la...but we definitely beat all of them in the posing and the memorising...WHATEVERRRR!!!....

Last shot of the day

Thanks to
* Kenneth
WHAATEVER! organiser
* Station masters - Aunty Siew Lee, mum, Uncle Joseph
* Memory Shooter - Uncle Say Heng
* Refreshment - Aunty May Lan