Sunday, July 4, 2010

Orientation 2010 Reflections...

Orientation for the juniors this year was kinda fun. Though I wasn't a faci, but I had quite a bit of fun talking to some of the juniors and selling my books was one of the best part. It was a great experience as I have to put my marketing skills into action. Haha... You never know how tough it was to "promote" my products in 3 different languages - English, Mandarin & Malay(that was the hardest part).

We have 100+ people who came for CF. It was a WOW number! Everything went on well. Pastor Dave shared about Daniel. SIC performance was an eye-opener to me personally. Haha... The video about CF was also awesome, except for the dancing part.

For more blog posts about the orientation, you can read Loon Han's, Maegyvear's and Harjir's blog. Very interesting!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dottie, Reba and Destiny - REMIND ME DEAR LORD

Remind Me Dear Lord

Written by Dottie Rambo

Verse I:

The things that I love, and hold dear to my heart

Are just borrowed they’re not mine at all

Jesus only let me use them to brighten my life

So remind me, remind me dear Lord


Roll back the curtain of memories now and then

Show me where you brought me from

And where I could have been

Remember I’m human, and humans forget

So remind me, remind me dear Lord

Verse II:

Nothing good have I done to deserve God’s own Son

I’m not worthy of the scars in His hand

Yet He chose the road to Calv’ry to die in my stead

Why He loved me, I can’t understand

I got to hear this lovely song last Sunday in my church service. My dad's preaching sermon was about "Why the Righteous Suffer?". He preached that in connection to the news that shocked our country about the death of 5 family members from the Wee Family in a tragic car accident. I recalled that day when I heard about the news and my heart was filled with unusual sadness, even though I never knew them. I nearly shed a tear when I read the news about their funeral service and learned about how strong the eldest daughter, Joy was during the whole event.

As all of us know, they were Christians. One really distinct difference that I can see in a Christian memorial or funeral service is there's no wailing or shouting. What I have always observed and felt in a Christian memorial service was PEACE. Of course, sadness and grief would definitely be present at that very moment. Tears would certainly flow naturally as well. However, God's word says that this is not the end yet. We still have the hope to meet those who already gone before us. HOPE is there, at that solemn service. Nothing could be any more comforting than knowing there's HOPE.

This song really reminds me that everything that I hold dear to my heart (my family, my friends, my scholarship, etc) are just a loan from God and they're not mine at all. The 2nd verse grips my heart. Why did Jesus choose the road to Calvary for us? Why He chose to love us when we don't love Him? I can't understand, I can't comprehend. If that isn't LOVE, then what is it? What is it?

People, be grateful with what you have now because one day, you have to return back all these things to the owner. Appreciate them while you still can!