Saturday, August 21, 2010

2nd post from KTT library...

I'm staying back this week because Pre-A2 will be from next Monday till next next Friday.
Boyy, that's gonna be really long.
But, thinking of the super exciting & stress-free KI continually motivates me to study hard and give my best shot for A2. After that, I am free!!! (for few months only la...)

Wow, how time flies! I already took my AS, IELTS, then got my results, and now 2 months++ to graduation night. Anyway, praise the Lord for keeping the promise He gave to me through His servant Susu who encouraged me with a verse from Romans 8:28 in November last year. I got 4As for AS examination, it was really a blessing! As for IELTS, I did not do so well, I got Band 7, but I also thank God for that. I guess I need to read more, write more (using proper English) and to be careful with my grammar in speech as well.

Last Wednesday was exciting, CF election night. The election lasted really long, maybe because there were so many nominees. Thank God for choosing these 12 out of the multitudes to take over CF. It's not going to be easy, it has never been easy also. I believe that it's not just their "potentials" that got them a post in CF, but their passion to serve and also their hearts that are longing to see CF going from strength to strength, from glory to glory. Congrats to...

President: I-vonne (Maegyvear)
V. President 1: Benjamin (Edwin, that's me!)
V. President 2: Xiu Jing (Joyner)
Secretary: Geraldine (Sophia)
Treasurer: Joseph (Mark)
Praise & Worship: Lynton (Ricky & Gavin)
Prayer 1: Esther (Willy)
Prayer 2: Jude (Willy)
Event: Corine (Melissa)
Music: Rachel (new post)
Sports: Jacinta (Victor)
Media & Publicity: Yong Kuang (Gebby & Ling)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

KTM reflections...

Went back home by KTM last Friday.

KTM was packed with people, and as usual, I was sandwiched right after I entered the train.

'Banyak orang banyak ragam', so true. Young people nowadays have various behavioral features, some are really weird - their outfits explained it all.

A scarf around a guy's neck on a hot sunny day?
A girl wearing a beautiful dress, but YELLOW socks and sport shoes with sunglasses?
Weird looking hairstyles that actually made me thought for a moment whether I was in Japan or not.

Not only that, in desperate situations, where everyone is in need of something that can keep them from falling, yesterday's incident reflected the selfishness of people in our present society. I don't understand why young people, who have received moral education since their primary years, could not even bother to give their seats to parents cuddling babies, who were standing with a lack of steadiness and to the older ones breathing profusely. What a saddening sight!

I was there too, standing throughout the journey. Good thing Kajang was 3 to 4 stations away from Nilai, I didn't have to stand for too long, carrying my green-china-looking luggage bag and college bag.

There was this tall, sexy, diva-ish Thai lady came into the train. All eyes were on her once she entered. I was really disgusted to see old men, like in their 50s, 60s, kept looking at her throughout the journey like what Hokkien people says, "ham sap gui", means hantu miang.

More and more people entered the train after each stop, they pushed me, leaving my luggage bag about 1 metre away from me. I was like "Excuse me, my luggage bag!", "Tolong ambil beg saya yang warna hijau tu, please..."

Everybody was in the midst of maintaining their stability, but, there was this Indian boy boasting away about his results. Aiyo, ama ama...I was like "Stop blowing your trumpet la, and don't talk so loud, nobody is interested to know you got first class honours for 1st sem, 2nd sem, 3rd sem and all the other sems la..." I was praying that nobody brought a gun, if not, he would be shot at his mouth for sure.

"And aunty, don't breathe with your mouth, your breath is not that nice to smell la, do consider this poor little chinese boy in front of you." "And yea, do remember to brush your teeth and put deodorant before you step out from your house, have mercy on our present society!"

The hardest part was getting out from that crowded train. I didn't care much about my reputation at that time, I just screamed like a typical chinese aunty from pasar "Excuse me, saya nak keluar!" Good thing I'm small in size, I managed to squeeze through heading towards the door.

Moral Lesson:
In desperate situations, people can do anything. Like me, screaming on top of my voice.
Try taking KTM during peak hours, it's a place where you can see the true colours of people.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

July Reflections...


Finally exams are over (I mean mid-sem and IELTS only). At least some heavy burdens are laid down, and now I can pay full attention on my scary A2 syllabus. AS results will be out on 12th August, followed by IELTS results the next day. How do I feel about that? Mixed feelings of fear and also assurance that God is there no matter how my results turn out to be. But, there's one thing I really hope and pray for, that is my friends will not end up in disappointment. Oh yea, I seriously hope that Loony & my other friends can get top in the world!

Since the juniors came, I tried to set a good example to them. It wasn't hard actually, but still I made mistakes. I joined in the open dance floor during ICS charity night. Sad to say, I lost control of myself. It wasn't a pleasant sight at all. Thank God Wily was there to pull me away from the crowd. Guilt gripped me after that. And so I told some juniors not to pattern after this bad example of mine. But why did I have to tell them? Because if I didn't, they would think it's okay. No, it's not okay. Dancing is alright, but getting overboard is not good. Here I want to say sorry if I in any way, gave you a bad impression about CF because of me. It was not CF's fault, but mine. Better don't go clubbing...

Anyway, thanks to all CF choir members who performed that night! They all gave their best and I believe it's not for their glory. Good job!

My CF committee gave me a study bible for my birthday. Yea, they gave me the present 3 months after my 19th birthday. 3 MONTHS??!!! Yea, but I still love them anyway. Haha... And you wouldn't want to know the 'persecutions' and 'sufferings' I had to endure in order to get this gift. It was certainly a memorable one!

Last Saturday, my family and I attended SMKSI's 10th anniversary dinner. Well, the most interesting part I think was the performance by Dafi and Farah AF. Wow! Didn't know my ex-school could invite such famous artistes to perform for the dinner. Bangga giler!

L.O.L is Living Water AOG's next A.W.E.S.O.M.E event organised by YA. Looking forward to that. I wonder how it's gonna be like? Who laughs the loudest? Well, Melzie would win if she joins. Haha... Magdeline stands a chance as well! LOL!