Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010 Reflections...

After the much hectic schedule of preparing for Christmas 2010, finally it's all over. The real message of Christmas was once again spread across the little town of Tampin. And I was given another opportunity to glimpse at the nativity through Christmas Carols and the scriptures read in the account of Matthew & Luke.

Ok, just to reflect back the Christmas programmes that were held a few days back.

WHAATEVER! 2 Christmas Edition (18th Dec)

Power Kids Christmas Party (19th Dec)

Christmas Caroling
(22nd Dec)

Congrats to TM and also Lynna Kew for their excellent results for PMR. keep up the good work and shine for Jesus! And not forgetting the others - Andrew, Madeline....



'Christmas Is The Gift' Celebration
(24th Dec)
Apart from all the crazy photo sessions & food(calories, calories & more calories as quoted by Kent). I realized something.

3 years ago, I wasn't fond of coming to this place to serve. I could have friends where we could hang out in shopping malls, bowling alleys & taking pictures in hotels & posh restaurants during church anniversaries.

Now, having served for 3 years, I realized that a simple game of captain ball or a jog exploring the town, getting chased by dogs, being frightened by geese and chickens could be fun too. Speaking broken mandarin, comparing Tampin & the mighty KL, could easily be the source of our laughter. Instead of learning, I got to teach people my little knowledge of LCD & PA. The Bible says, it is more blessed to give than to receive. I'm a blessed child indeed!

No doubt there were ups and downs, there were frustrations and disappointments. However, the years spent here were not wasted. The seeds were sown still. God is omnipresent, I can serve God anywhere.

I once heard of this saying - "只要你肯包容一切的不完美,那就一切完美了".


可惜的, 有一些人却以为不读经,不祷告,迟来教会是可以包容的,不负责任的行为是可以体谅的。看到他们真的觉得好心酸,有时候甚至很看不起他们。对不起,我讲话有点激动,请多多包涵。

上帝有一定的标准的。人却把它降低 for their own convenience。 这是不应该的。

你看,my blog post 离题了。

In conclusion, it's a blessing to serve! And never compromise God's standards.

Anyway, I still love Kajang more than Tampin. Sorry, Tampin folks! hahahaha

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010

PK Retreat Reflections...

PK Retreat was great. This 3D2N stay in Swiss Garden Resort, Kuantan taught me many things being a PK.

During the OT times, having a birthright entitles you to a generational blessing. Being a PK is like having a birthright. I learned that we are actually a blessed group of people! That got me thinking a lot, am I living like a blessed guy or am I like Esau, selling my birthright freely? A question that I should ponder from time to time.

Pastor Gabe Ahn preached about our identities in Christ which will lead to our destiny.

Identity 1: We are God's workmanship/masterpiece.
Identity 2: We are sons and daughters of God.
Identity 3: We are royalty/princes & princesses.
Identity 4: We are Christ's mouthpiece.

As simple as all these 4, many times we have never really believed them and taken them closely to our hearts. But in this camp God assured me over and over again that I'm somebody, and I'm special in His eyes.

Actually I do not have many problems being a PK for 19 years, and I like being one, even sharing with people about my experience as a PK. Just that people would expect me to be like perfect all the time, that gave me lots of stress. However, to look at the other side, it's not a bad thing also. That actually pushed me further to become as perfect as what God wants me to be. Even God's word says in

Matthew 5:48
"Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect."

Today, although I'm still not perfect, but I thank the Lord for who I am now. Because God used church people to correct my faults and mould me to become an example for others.

Made many friends too. I can't be crazy within 3 days, so I was a lil' quiet. Hahaha...

Monday, December 6, 2010

After CAL...

Wow, how time flies! 2 years have swiftly gone by since the day I began my post-SPM life as a blogger. Reading back my previous blog posts has indeed made me realized how blessed I am. I guess blogging is a good way of counting my blessings. :)

From being blessed with relatively good results, to obtaining a scholarship from the government, and the little little blessings in between, cumulatively show how sufficient His extravagant grace is for me.

I'm still in the midst of my gaining weight programme, yes, with much determination and faith. Just that I'm overloaded with carbs & sugar (as stated in my fb status), I wouldn't want to end up being warded. So having a balanced diet is still vital.

Last week we had a farewell service for the Kongs. It wasn't so teary but what I could see in them was their love for Tampin and LWAOG. Like what Aunty Grace said, it's not a loss, but a time where people will step out from their comfort zone and start serving God. Thank you Kongs for your selfless service in LWAOG. May God continue to use you mightily wherever you are.

Hannah is missing...

Uncle Lawrence's son, Edwin got married last Sunday. He's Edwin Tan btw. I presented 2 wedding songs - I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman & Endless Love by Lionel Richie. Not much of stage fright anymore, because mum always pushes me up on stage to perform on weddings. As usual, nobody listened. HAHA. Only some of my supportive church friends lent their ears. Love you guys!

And my voice is getting worse. :(

Driving lessons with dad was unforgettable. I hate it when the car mati engine CONTINUOUSLY. Whenever I couldn't brake on time, dad's frightened face was memorable. His 'BRAKE, BRAKE!' tagline is what that keeps me laughing whenever boredom kicks in.

Have to start packing. Pastor's children retreat tomorrow!