Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Yesterday was results day. I thought I couldn't sleep but surprisingly I slept like a pig. Maybe because I really prayed for God to make me a sleeping beauty for that night.

Thank God for my results. Praise the Lord!

When I was in the midst of rejoicing, bad news came one by one. I was saddened by the fact that I cannot see them in KTT anymore.

Willy, Melzie and Ricky will always be my role models for life. You all have never let CF down. God has greater plans for you ahead. I believe God doesn't want your testimonies to be known in KTT only, but your stories will spread across other places as well.

To the rest of my beloved friends,

Though I fall, I will rise again. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord Himself will be my light.
Micah 7:8

The godly will fluorish like palm trees.
Psalm 92:12

Sorry, I can't find palm trees. So, I snapped a guava tree. Can also kan? Paiseh...

Let us not make this post sad. Just a last picture to make us laugh, or feel menyampah.

You have all the rights to throw tomatoes at me now.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dad's 57th Bday Reflections...

We went to Midvalley to celebrate my dad's birthday last Friday.

Loved the CNY decorations there. Also blown away by the acrobatic performance from some Chinese children. They actually left home in China to perform in Malaysia until 1 February. So cute and small yet could be so independant.

Anyway, we indeed had a great time celebrating!

Happy Birthday Papa! (My dad's on the right, not the left one ah)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Poor Cat...

I never liked cats.

But because there were no other animals around, so I snapped a picture of this cat.

Then, after looking at the picture again, I had to say this cat is kinda cute.

The reason why I put it in B&W was because of the story behind this cat.

Few hours before, this cat was trying to catch the attention of my neighbour's cat. My neighbour's cat is exceptionally chubby and pretty (and also lazy & snobbish). He meowed and meowed for quite some time, but sadly, my neighbour's cat did not respond his 'love'.

That was why he sat there alone, with his sunken eyes, reflecting at his colourless life.

I realized that the feeling of being rejected can be really painful not only in humans but also in animals.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Awaiting CNY...

It's that time of the year again - a time where bright flamboyant lanterns sets the mood for this auspicious celebration. Again, it will be another busy time preparing for CNY service.

What I anticipate most is neither the food, nor the red packets(okay, maybe a lil'), but more of the jovial atmosphere that is pretty much appealing to me.

So, my camera's on, my smiles are on and I'm ready to capture pictures of myself in RED. :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bruno Mars - Just the way you are (Jayesslee cover)

Victor kept singing this song in Sarawak. And now I like it. And I was blown away by this version. They changed the lips part to hands. Haha. I prefer hands though.

Memoirs of Sarawak 2011...

First stop: Miri (4th - 5th)

We stayed at Cosy Inn. I truly love the pillows there. If possible, I would love to just stay there the whole day sleeping. Thanks to Kai Sye's family for their hospitality.

Also thanks to Lee Sean for bringing the rest of us out shopping and hunting for food. Dim Sum in 2020 restaurant was yummy!

Realized that there were many Christian bookshops too. That's so cool!

The best part was visiting the longhouse. Thanks to Judith's family for treating us so well as if we're princes & princesses. Tried their ketupat which tasted like lemang. We tried tuak as well. A sip almost made me drunk. So, if you want to make me pengsan, put tuak in my drink.

Second stop: Bintulu (5th - 7th)

The guys stayed in Gavin's house. Very homely. The girls put up 2 nights at Adeline's place. A home filled with joy & laughter. And the source of laughter came from none other but her mischievous yet lovable brother, Edmund Yong. If you are suffering from depression, come to Adeline's house in Bintulu.

Sophia joined us also. Still like to crack jokes with her expressionless face.

Went for BBQ in Bintulu beach, The waves were on high tide but the scenery of the undulating waves was breathtaking. Then it rained, and slowly it got 'wilder'. So we rushed back to Adeline's house to play cards. Good thing I didn't lose again. If not, habis maruah I.

And yea, Bintulu has wide roads. No traffic jam. That's the beautiful part of Bintulu.

The ugly part, UPM. Kesian Victor's friend, Hou Ting.

Then it was time to say goodbye to Bintulu.

Third stop: Sibu (7th)

We did not put up a night there because we wanted to stay longer in Kuching. Met Ling, John Lau, John Kiu, John Hii, Eshabel, Melissa & Kwan Tsien. So nice to meet them again.

We lepak at Bukit Aup. Lots of fishes, Doris was the most excited one there.

Bintangor's rojak was good. Thanks to Eshabel!

Last stop: Kuching (8th - 10th)

We took the 11.45pm bus. The journey took us about 6 hours to reach the capital city of Sarawak.

Kuching, I can say is the most developed place in this state. Lots of hotels, shopping malls, places to eat and visit. Alvin's uncle drove us around Kuching, bringing us to well known places to eat and take pictures. Thanks to him!

We went to an Anglican church -St Thomas last Sunday. Amazing voices from the choir. It's like those in movies!

Visited Sarawak Cultural Village. Paid RM25 instead of RM15 because I did not bring my student card. Learned a lot. The happy couple, Alvin & Suok Ling joined us. And also our beloved senior from Kuching, Daniel came with us too.

Went to see orang utans also. Found my long-lost brother there. And I wish him all the best in winning Ritchie's throne.

It was really a memorable time in East Malaysia. Thanks to all my traveling mates - Victor, Doris, Jane, Kai Sye, Chia Min, Chia Ying, Adeline, Judith & John Lau. Hopefully there will be another one like this but currently undergoing financial crisis after this trip. Jehovah Jireh, God will provide, Amen for that!

Pictures of our trip in Sarawak are available in facebook.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Genting Reflections and Random...

We wanted to just take a break after all the busy preparations for Christmas. So we decided to go to a cold place, since for the past few years we have been going to beaches.

It was a mistake. Didn't know it was so cold, we suffered like never before. Sneezing, wheezing, tearing at the same time.

The place we stayed was called Amber Court.
One word: Interesting!
This is a place where you can experience 'peace' and 'tranquility'.

Flying Coaster. We didn't go for it because only Kent and I wanted to play, no fun. But I will definitely try it next time.


Looking at them makes me smile. :)