Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New members in the house

Finally the laptop came yesterday, 29th AUGUST 2011. (I will remember this date always and forever)

No matter how much dissatisfaction I have against the Manipal admin for giving me 'pseudo' info, yet I'm still thankful to the university for giving me a free laptop.

Lenovo L420, dull design but specs/features not bad. :)

And of course, if you're a BDS/MBBS student, you cannot don't have this good friend to accompany you throughout your first year.

Say HI to my new friend!

Anyway today's Raya in India. At the same time, it's Merdeka. So double celebration here! Will be celebrating later with all the other Mangalorians in some place. Yay, Malaysian Food!

And also at the very same day, friends from Devangere, Manipal and Karad coming down to meet up with us. So excited!!!

Don't know when I will be as fat as that, haha. Good Day everyone. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where's the laptop!?!?

From the title of this post,I guess you should know that I am laptopless. That's not the point actually, the point is I supposed to get my laptop from Manipal Uni on the first week of my arrival in India itself, AS PROMISED via that phone call which I will remember for the rest of my life. Come on la, if you can't give us the laptops on time, then just say so, YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIE to me. It is already a month now and it's so inconvenient to go online using phone. Can't right click, can't view pics in new tabs, time wasted, energy wasted. Anyway, I am so thankful that I bought a smartphone before reaching here, or not I'll rot to death here without connecting to the outside world.

So, back to whoever you are, I feel cheated, seriously. I trusted your words and left the laptop in Malaysia despite friends telling me
not to trust you. But I chose the road not taken, all I can say is my oh my, Edwin is just too naive. Or dumb. Yea, dumb is a more suitable word.

Guess I shouldn't trust so much of your words. Because I realized the tone of voice can be very deceiving too. A message may sound so promising, but in turns out to be an empty vessel.

Hope you don't mind me venting out my frustrations here. I don't have a personal room to scream like a cuckoo you see.

Just an update of my life in India. I'm doing good here, with great friends. Awesome seniors, couldn't be thankful more. Cell groups are informative, being fed with spiritual food and of course yummy edible food! LOL

Wanna post some pics but I'm blogging thru my phone, so I can't upload them now. So you see why I need the laptop so much!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Away from home

I suddenly realized that I'm no longer a kid, living under mum's apron spring anymore. Here I am, for weeks here in the Land Of Spices which previously, has always been a stranger to me. A different culture and lifestyle altogether, I felt the chills when I first stepped into this land. However, I chose to divert this pessimistic mindset of my mine to something positive instead, and guess what it worked!

Where should I start? Okay, let's start with the food here. Mess food, I guess everybody knows about it. It started off okay, but then it became boring. The same food again and again, potatoes, potatoes, potatoes! Haha... However, compared to other universities' mess, mine is actually considered much okay.

But the AWESOME thing here is, we have restaurants everywhere!

Hotel food is quite cheap, around 200+ rps for western food. And the serving here is really BIG! I ordered Chicken Briyani Rice and I was so full till I had to flex my body anteriorly. (haha, using anatomical terms)

Cafe Coffee Day, a famous cafe in India

Dosa (Thosai) in Ocean Pearl Hotel

We get cheap cakes here as well (but not as tasty as SR, *slurps*)

Come to mode of transportation. Auto rickshaw. You can't get to your destination without an auto. It is the most convenient and economical mode of transportation here in Mangalore. A bit scary, but I got used to it already. Just anggap it as a roller coaster ride you'll feel much better. Haha...

Campus Life. The first time I saw my uni, I was shocked. Guess why? Look at the pic below.

As we walked further in, I finally saw my hostel. And that sight gave me the biggest of the biggest sigh of relief. A pleasant sight at least. Overall, the hostel facilities are good. At least it's worth the 97900rps for an AC room.

New Bejai Boys Hostel

Water dispenser on every floor

Our uni bus

Studies. We had orientation on the first day which lasted for like...an hour? Then the next day classes started. Lots of things to read, a lot to memorise. It is not easy at all. For 1st year BDS, there are 3 exam-going subjects, 1)Anatomy 2)Physiology&Biochemistry 3)Dental Anatomy & Oral Histology. There are also 2 non-exam going subjects which are equally important, Prosthetics/Prostho and Dental Materials. Dentistry deals a lot with hands, as we need to carve and make impressions. However thank God the lecturers here are really good.

Entertainment. YEA! You can find lots of entertainment here. We have 3 shopping malls here (or more, I have not explored everywhere yet!). Bharath Mall is about 5 to 7 minutes walk from my hostel. Basically, you can get your necessary stuffs there. There's a cinema in the mall too.

City Centre Mall is the biggest and the most happening shopping mall in Mangalore. About 3km from my hostel. Here we have Reebok, Puma, United Colors Of Benetton, Nike, stuffs you think India doesn't have they have it here. And KFC, but the food seriously indianized already. Haha... Want some adrenaline flowing through your spine? This mall has a Scary House! I haven't tried it yet, will try it one day.

We can find lots of eager shutterbugs here in India. But not the locals, they're all Malaysians. Spread the photography virus around!

In India, you need umbrellas. It rains everyday and the surrounding is damp. Thus you need thirsty hippo and a dry box if you have a DSLR, for your lenses. And Milo, if you can't live without it. And a pair of Crocs, because your shoes/slippers will get dirty and wet during the monsoon season.


Miscellaneous pics...

And here it ends my blog post but now begins a new chapter in my life being away from home. :)