Saturday, September 24, 2011

God In The Ancient China

For people who are interested with Chinese History, this 1 hour sermon gives you a clearer picture of it.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Broken To Be Blessed

If you are really good with your hands, you would love 1st year BDS. Because you have to make impressions, making cast, dealing with Plaster of Paris, carving tooth and not to forget, lots of drawing too (Histology, Dental Histology & Dental Anatomy). All these would be a piece of cake for you.

If you aren't, then you would end up like me. It's not that I don't like to draw and carve, but I just couldn't come out with a good masterpiece.

Last Tuesday, I was doing the finishing of maxillary central incisor. I was polishing the root, without using much force, absolutely acknowledged the fragility of a wax block. However, somewhere out of the blue the root just broke off from the base! I shrieked.

I was discouraged. Not merely due to this incident, but because of the other times when I couldn't carve a proper tooth within an hour (yes, in exam it's only an hour!). Till now, I could not get my mandibular impression correctly. And not to forget, lectures are going so fast till I couldn't catch up with their pace. The accumulation of these disappoinments wore me out.

You wouldn't know how tough it is especially studying a course that you like but the course is continually instilling 'hatred' in you. Bear in mind, the toughness increases in intensity. I guess only my course mates understand how I feel.

Above all these struggles I am currently facing, I know God is there moulding me, shaping me to become a stronger person. I love a line in the song "Stronger" by Mandisa, it says

"Try and do the best you can,
Hold on and let Him hold your hand."

and also this line,

"He knows that this is gonna make you STRONGER."

"Sounds so cliche, it's just a motivation quote to make you feel better," you may think. But I tell you, it is true that God is Emmanuel. He is always there for us, to keep a close eye upon our lives. God's promises never gets old-fashioned.

So I was quite down on Tuesday and the next day, I felt a little better. On Wednesday night, I had dinner with my pastor and his wife and my seniors. And at that time I received a sms from my junior Lynton telling me a super junior of mine in KTT had said the sinner's prayer. Instantly I felt joy in my heart. What an awesome news to brighten my gloomy, bleak days!
Had cell just now. It's great to get together as Malaysian Christians, reading the Word of God and grow together spiritually. Even the makan time is something I always look forward too! My seniors are really talented cooks, their pork ah, chicken ah, sayur ah, rice ah *slurps*, sedap hingga menjilat jari!!!

So see how blessed I am!

Mangolore Malaysian Cell Group

By the way, these 4 will be sent to the court. Hopefully the verdict will at least let 2 of them be released la...

Please ma'am, just say YES!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Eager to be Korean, a sudden urge, lol

No more spikes starting from tomorrow. Guess how long will that last? (I really love spikes!)

Gonna make myself Korean, though how impossible it would be, and though you readers are rolling your eyes at the moment you read the word "Korean". I'm gonna do it anyway.

Malaysian Indians (most of my friends) think Korean guys are gays, what about Indian Indians? I wonder...