Monday, October 17, 2011

If singing is all that we need to do...

I like singing. To be more specific, I like to sing songs of certain genres and songs which do not bring out wrong messages.

Back in Malaysia, I used to perform song presentations in church with my brothers or with the youths during special celebrations such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Easter, Good Friday, Church Anniversaries.

Retrospecting back the times I sung on stage, especially the first few times, remembering how nervous was I when hundreds of eyes were staring at me; now knowing that I actually managed to overcome that fear miraculously, again and again, I couldn't thank God more for His World Class training skills.

I found a video of me performing a love song during a competition in Tampin. Sarah and I performed a duet together. Do pardon me for my slightly off key at certain parts, I'm not a professional. Like DUH, if I am, I wouldn't have stuck here carving. -.-

If singing is all that we need to do, we would only have Youtube and nothing else.
Kan best? Don't have to waste so much time Tweeting like birds and Fb-ing.


Monday, October 10, 2011

If there is a God, why does he allow suffering?!?

It’s a huge question, isn’t it? Hardly a day goes by when we don’t come across suffering. Devastation caused by earthquakes and tsunamis… millions living in poverty… children being abused… family breakdowns… bullying… people suffer. We suffer. So it’s right to say to God: “God, if you’re there, why don’t you do something about it?”

Well, imagine we could actually tell God what to do. Where would you suggest he starts? How about God gets rid of the terrorists and the murderers. That would mean a lot less suffering for many people—but suffering hasn’t been eradicated yet. How about God deals with the paedophiles and the drug dealers and the thieves? We can see the world’s getting a much better place, but it’s still not perfect.

How about God gets rid of the unkind, the gossips, the liars, the selfish—oh, but that’s actually me.

You see, when we ask God to get rid of suffering, we’re actually asking him to get rid of us. We do suffer, but we actually cause loads of suffering ourselves. That time when we lost our temper with someone… when we trod on someone to get to where we wanted to… when we ignored our kids because we were just too tired or busy… when we gossiped about a work colleague… when we were just plain nasty to someone. We cause much suffering.

So if we demand that God throws suffering out of this world, we’re actually demanding that he throws us out too.

God is delaying the day when he will deal with all suffering so that we can realise that we’re part of the problem, and we can ask him if there’s any way not to be thrown out of his world.

That’s an answer—but the Bible offers us much more than that. I don’t know you—and maybe you’ve clicked on this video because you’re really struggling with something at the moment. When I’ve struggled in the past, what I need more than answers is hope – I need to know that I’m going to get through this suffering, and I need to know that there’s something beyond this suffering.

And the amazing thing is that God knows what you’re going through when you suffer—because he himself suffered. God lived on earth as a man, Jesus, and Jesus suffered and even died in agony on a cross. He promises to be with those who trust in him, comforting them and helping them through their suffering.

But even more amazing than that promise is that God promises that one day he will put an end to all suffering. Those guilty of causing suffering will one day have to answer to him, and justice will be done. He promises that he’ll make a perfect world, a world of “no more death or mourning or crying or pain”, for those things will be gone forever. And God says that because Jesus died you, me, anyone, can ask for a place in his perfect world instead of being thrown out of it.

You know, when I’m going through suffering, knowing that God is with me, and that one day I’ll live with him in his perfect world, are two amazing hopes that keep me going.

Well, this is a huge and really emotional subject, and I’ve only had a short space to talk to you about it. But why not go along to a good local church, and there you’ll find some people who’ll be able to help you practically, listen to you, and answer any more questions you may have. You know, churches are just full of people who’ve suffered in the past and who may still be suffering now. But they know the promises of God—that he will be with them, and that one day they will live with him forever in a world with no more suffering.

Found this article. It answered my question, has it answered yours?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Updates in Manga!

September has just gone by. Now living in the month of October, carving seems to be part of my life; assignments are a norm and increasing amount of reading awaits me (even more to come).

Veron, Brendtha, Jing Ju and some others have already left India and are now in Malaysia. In just two brief months, I learned so much from them and there were so many memories to be treasured and cherished. I just wanna wish them all the best in Malaysia and I believe they will be great Dentists for Christ! :)

Stress kicks in, of course la, having classes till Saturday. New topics are being introduced everytime when there's Anatomy class. And we have 3 Anatomy lectures per week. So that makes it 3 topics per week, and yes you counted it right, 12 new topics to learn every month. (+-3) And yes, that's only Anatomy.

Oh ya, VIVA. It is an oral test and it's important as some marks are allocated for the University exam results. You know, I panic easily especially when it comes to talking FACTS. You can ask me to lead a worship service of a few hundred people, you can ask me to crack a lame joke, you can ask me to act a skit out in front of a crowd, but answering questions about the reactions of Monosacchrides?The different aspects of a Mandibular Central Incisor? My mind often goes blank and "what I'm gonna say, what I'm gonna say". The facts are all scattered and to put all the pieces of the puzzle together in such a definite short time? Susahnya. However, praise God nowadays Viva is much better than the first time. (because I literally hafal every word before Viva, lol)

Good thing stress is there to draw my attention away from unnecessary naps (looong naps) and keeps me focused when I mug. Not to the point of driving me crazy, yet.

Sometimes when I wake up on Saturday mornings, I get very angry because there's class on Saturday, although it's Biochem Practical which I really enjoy. I'm sleep deprived, even on Sundays I have to wake up early for church service at 8am. Uni life in India is really not fun, but again, it's still the beginning.

And if you think church is the most comfortable place to go, it's not so here. It's no big church, it's a small hall, no AC just fans, packed with 100+ people, singing and worshiping on the top of their lungs, exhaling significant amounts of carbon dioxide. Imagine the heat one has to endure for the next 2 hours in that small enclosed room on the highest floor of a corner shop lot. Well, if you are one who keeps complaining about your church not having this, not having that, think again.

It's good to improvise the church building with the addition of facilities for the convenience of the church members. But when it comes to the point of not feeling like praising God because of the absence of such facilities, that is the problem. Our belief is not based on convenience but based on His word. In fact, we should all the more rejoice in what we do not have, than what we have. When we learn to praise Him in unfavorable situations, we will eventually get to enjoy what we already have to the fullest.

In Church

Yet always have to be reminded, I have 4 years and 10 months to go. No complaints, just make the best out of my life here. I do not know His plans for me, but it is surely going to be something amazing.

Now I understand how it feels to be homesick.