Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Post-First Sessional 1 - GOA


First sessional was indeed a hectic and mind-blowing experience. All the facts, pure solid facts we were forced to memorise, plus all the jitters we encountered during Viva-Voce, just for the sake of not failing for the exam. Praise God, I managed to persevere for that 3 agonizing weeks. And guess what, my hard work and determination paid off, I managed to score Distinction for both Physiology and Dental Anat/Histo! I was so surprised to see my results, truly it was God's bountiful favour upon me! I haven't got my results for Anatomy and Biochem yet. But whatever the outcome is, I am already truly thankful for what He has done. :)

Right after my Viva-Voce for Physiology on Saturday, I rushed back home to pack my stuffs, preparing for the much anticipated Goa trip. Before leaving for Manipal (took the bus from Manipal), I managed to catch up with my KTT ex-housemate, Mark, who is also a dear friend to me.

So I took the 7pm bus from Mangalore to Manipal with Kai Sze (from AB Shetty Uni). And oh boy, the bus was packed with people! Carrying such a bulky luggage and another big bag on my back (my DSLR was inside), I had to squeeze through the passengers to reach the middle part of the bus, because there was space for me to put my luggage there. So I stood for the next 1 hour, and that was when I started to feel nauseous and I couldn't help but to sit on the dirty floor of the bus. Thank God I didn't throw out. Phew...

Took the bus to Goa at 11.45pm (supposed to leave by 11pm, but you know, it's India). Took a motion sickness pill and slept throughout the whole journey till we reached at 6.30am.

Checked in at the guest house, then went to the nearest church, a Catholic Church. But the service was in Konkani, the local language spoken in Goa. Said a short prayer, then went back to Guest House. Cleaned up and off we started the adventure.

Though our stay in Goa was just a day, yet we managed to fully utilized our short time here by visiting several tourist spots.

We had our breakfast in Infantaria Restaurant. We had the opportunity to savor Goa's famous Bebinca and also the delectable Cheese and Chicken Croissants. Talking about it makes me drool!


Fort Aguada is one place one must not miss when one comes to Goa. We managed to visit Fort Aguada and its lighthouse. It is a well-preserved 17th century Portugese Fort standing on Sinquerim Beach. Apparently the fort was constructed to guard against the Dutch and the Marathas.

The Lighthouse

We also went on a cruise to see dolphins in the sea near the Sinquerim Beach, untrained dolphins! We got to see the fort from there, which houses the Central Jail and adjacent to it was the Millionaire's Mansion. A breathtaking sight to behold.

Central Jail On Sinquerim Beach

Then we proceeded to Old Goa, known as the historical and religious place in India. Goa has large Catholic churches and Cathedral, as majority of the people there are Roman Catholics. We got to see the largest church in the country, Se Cathedral. And also Basilica of Bom Jesus, which was packed with believers when we visited because there was a celebration going on, The Feast Of St Francis Xavier.

Se Cathedral

Tibetan Markets are a common sight in Goa. We saw Tibetans selling exquisite silver jewellery, with its distinctive fine and delicate designs.

Handmade dainty craftworks and fashionable clothing are also being sold along the streets of Goa. However, they love to jag up their price so as smart consumers, remember to bargain! :)

We were so fortunate to reach Baga Beach, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Goa, before the sun set. So I managed to capture some beautiful sunset moments at the beach. The light radiated by the sun definitely added spices to the happening atmosphere. The beach was crowded with tourists in their swimming suits, enjoying the glistening white sand and the variety of water sports available there.

Baga Beach

After the sun set, we strolled along the busy street of Goa, stopping by shops by shops, bargaining prices of goods (Lawrence's style was simply amusing), just taking pleasure in the freedom of exams, no more cramming facts into our saturated brains, life was so stress-free at that very moment. We had our dinner at a Chinese Cuisine Restaurant, and we relished in the scrumptious Chinese dishes, which made us missed home even more.

It was indeed a brief yet a trip worthwhile. In the end, what made the trip even more memorable was definitely the good old friends that I spent the time with together.

Lovely friends

Lectures resume their hasty pace again. But for the meantime, I'll stay relax and indulge in the post-exam, tension-free season.

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