Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm back!

Hello again! Anyeong! Hahaha... Recently I just finished watching a Korean drama, so picked up a few new lines and tried conversing in Korean with my friends till they were so pissed. It was an utter failure I must say, guess I was created as a Chinese for a reasonable reason!

It's been 2 longgg weeks since I'm back in India. All glory be unto God for keeping me safe and sound throughout the whole journey back here. It was definitely an enjoyable 3-week holiday in Malaysia. My family members are doing great, all healthy, praise God, He is faithful.

Lectures are back in their hasty pace again. 1st week itself we had to draw 6 Anatomy Histology diagrams and 7 Oral Histology diagrams. More complicated cycles to memorise by hard and not forgetting, cadavers to stare. Haha, crazy right? But what to do? My future profession will be dealing with patients, with alive beings, you don't expect me to enjoy my Korean dramas 24-7 and ting!, there you go, a Dentist. Things don't come that easily, yes, even if you are a genius.

Well, while studies are vital, my spiritual life is even more important. Dad gave me some sermons by John MacArthur for me to listen here in India. John MacArthur is one pastor who preaches solely according to the Bible, no more, no less. And I salute him for that. The truth is churches nowadays are putting more focus on the 'cool' things in order to make Christianity more 'marketable', instead of the Word. So his sermons have indeed caused me to dig deeper into His word.

One thing, I have just signed up for gym here.

Don't laugh kay? I know you're laughing. Yes you!

You ask me why? Well, I feel it's time for me to buff up. You see I'm already 21, I also want to have gf ma...*blushes*... Haha, no la, I just wanna sweat out because throughout those 4 months in India, I didn't perspire at all. I didn't feel fresh for four straight months. So it's time. :)

My duduk depan gang. Lays is our staple food. This is what we are gonna become if we continue eating. (I do look cute right? hehehe)

Pic by Najwa NorSaid