Sunday, February 26, 2012

And mugging ends...for two days only...

Hey everybody! Hereby I announce that 2nd sessional has finally come to an end. Woah, how time flies! This is already my 6th month in India. Praise God for His faithfulness!

Well, I must say that 2nd sessional was way tougher than before. Probably because we only had a month to revise everything we learned after the first sessional, and in that month itself we were busy celebrating CNY. Hopefully and prayerfully, I will do better in 3rd internals and also my Uni Exam. (3 more months!!!)

Recently, I am quite active in Instagram. It is an iPhone photo sharing app and I am always fascinated with the pics those iPhone users capture. Their pictures are just
beautiful...breathtaking...mind blowing.

Since today's my last day, of course la I have to relax sikit. Instead of sleeping off my time, I decided to pick up something productive. Yes, you guessed it right-Editing pictures. I am so inspired by these amazing photographers. Thus I decided to learn up Photoshop CS5 (though it has been there moons ago) and tried it myself.

And mann, I gotta tell you. IT AIN'T EASY. Time consuming. It requires patience and a little bit of talent. Memang respect to all those creative shutterbugs out there, you are a genius!!!

Okay, cut the crap and lemme present to you, my masterpiece! (if you can call that one)

Goa Trip, Dec 2011

Mysore, Dec 2011

Bangalore, Dec 2011

And the last one, my handsome Korean-look-alike brother, Kenneth Loh. Yups, everybody thinks he's Korean and I'm jealous? Hahaha...SO NOT.

So...yeap, that's all, plus my new blog header. All done by me using Photoshop CS5. Seriously these pics cannot be compared with so many others'. I'm still a beginner and have lots to learn.

Readers, how do you find them? Gimme some constructive criticisms please. Thanks. Ciao. :)