Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Whining about 2nd year.

Hey people! It's nice coming back to blogging after another long hiatus (not that long actually). However, unfortunately, this time I can't afford to blog something happy like how I used to.

2nd year for now is gradually becoming worse for me. Though it looks like there's not as much stuffs to study as compared to 1st year, the truth is, it's almost the same. The difference is that the topics are terribly boring and as a result of that, I hardly open up the textbook and jot down crucial points. Even if I did, I'll go "What did I just study?". So many terms are so foreign to me, lecturers jumping from one topic to another, I'm terribly confused.

Coming to practicals, I'm still fine with pre-clinical Prosthodontics and Conservative Dentistry. But the most frustrating and disappointing practical would have to be Orthodontics. Wire straightening... I just can't get it right. I tried bending at home, using the various methods suggested by friends and post-graduates. When the wires started to roll, I would jump from my seat and grinning from ear to ear. But when they are being showed to the PGs, they would press one end of the wire and the other end rose up a little, after that they would give me the look "So you call this straight?" (in which I always feel that their remarks are ludicrous but actually they aren't). This is not just once or twice. It's already a norm. It happens every single time I show the wires to them. And when I tried to correct the little "flaws" they asked me to do, I would distort the whole wire and yea, cool, the wire's gay again, terribly gay.

In retrospection, I remembered how I used to tell my mum that I wanna be a Orthodontist when I have the chance to further my studies. Hmm, before it becomes a detestable subject, I better focus on just becoming a  general dental practitioner. Diligent efforts on this wire straightening thing was like, I don't know, have gone down the drain? My fingers ache, plus the cuts I used to get in Prosthodontics and Dental Materials Practicals, added in more pain whenever I try bending certain wire parts with more force (you know, that sharp piercing feeling when the sharp end of the wire pierces your delicate fingers).

How funny life could bring you, you love that thing, and then that thing instils hatred upon you. This Orthodontics is leaving me nothing but two choices. Either you want to straighten the wire, or you want to play the keyboard with ease. Ortho, why do you have to make me make such a cruel choice? I used to be a jocular in Ortho, but Ortho, you are indeed formidable.

And now, I just wanna lie down on my cosy bed and let my swollen fingers heal.