Monday, November 3, 2014

Nobody's gonna read this anyway, what an odd title.

Exactly 2 years since my last post, well, not exactly, CLOSE.

I wouldn't dare to say that I am a lot more busier than before, I am but actually, if I had the will to continue blogging, I would not have stopped.

Because I became less reflective. So E.R isn't really E.R anymore, I can't live up to it, so it's one of the reasons I quit.

I became more preoccupied with Instagram and other social medias. More of Instagram actually, because I have two accounts. My mum once told me that she foresaw me becoming a very vain person. Yes, she's right. My two other brothers update their Instagram like 3 weeks once, I'm like 3 posts in a week. So if two Instagrams, that would mean 6 posts a week. Gedik sia.

I became more ashamed of myself. Not being a person of good conduct, not becoming what people expect a 'Pastor's son' should be, not performing well academically, plus all the little little sins I commit and omit in my daily life. However recently I was reminded of the efficacy of Jesus' blood on the cross, so I shouldn't feel ashamed of myself anymore. He has taken the guilt and shame and nailed all of them on the cross. Do not consider anything unclean what God has considered it clean. So it was Revelation to me, and I'm blown away by His grace.

I blog, but in a mobile blogging app called Dayre. Lynthia introduced that me, I was hesitant because I really lost the drive to write but after countless persuasions, I officially came back to blogging like 6 months ago. And through that, some of them got to dig out who my crush is, and they succeeded. So not a very good idea also. -.-

Talking about Instagram. The reason why I have two accounts is because I love to play my keyboard and sing, but it would be terribly annoying when your friends supposed to read your posts about your daily life, you know, people just want to get to know how you're doing and stuffs but all they see is a dumbo syok sendiri singing. So I created the singing account called edsings last October. So it has been a year with 295 followers plus minus 5. (I always get unfollowers too lol) YAY.

I wanted to get connected with the other Instagram singers through their #15secondcovers. And boy the talent you get to see is just overwhelming. Amazing, AMAZING talents. From beat boxing to rapping to Ed Sheeran kind of voice to bluegrass country singers. And they are all NOT professional singers, they are somewhat like me, ordinary people 'unsigned artists'.

And in my another account, I used to post lots of horrible selfies two years back. I still do now, but in a more professional way, #ootd, LOL.

The reason why I loved to post selfies back then was because I got influenced by the Korean culture. I was a crazy fan of Korean dramas and a little bit of Kpop. So from there I was so mesmerized by their hair and skin, omgoodness, those flawless skin we see in The Face Shop! So I would try to copy certain Korean actors selfie and try to fool others to think that I look Korean. Jobless right?

My gosh, boy was I gedik to the max! But still I got comments that I look like JoKwon from 2am. But wasn't really flattered lo, because I wanted something like Song Joong Ki or Yoo Ah In. Bagi betis nak paha.

Thank God that Korean craze did not last very long. I was back to myself again last year I guess. No more selfie kosong (meaningless selfies), and that's why I came up with #ootd to at least be a little informative. Besides that, am a die hard fan for fragrance. I have 8 Eau de Toilette now, in which 3 of them did not come out from my pocket. So siao right? But I just love the smell! Can't help it!

Oh, the time! It's already almost 11pm and I actually planned to read the topic on Indices today. And exam's on this Friday!

Please please please please Lord help me do well this time!!!

And here's a cover I favourited berzillion times because I follow him on Instagram. Crazily talented and a faithful believer of the Lord. Josh Bation with his girlfriend, oh my so sweeeeeeet. I hope I can post a duet cover with my (___________). Lord please fill in the blank for me! *desperado*