Thursday, December 8, 2016

Off day

Off days are the best! Since I started working, the days I look forward the most are Thursdays and Sundays, because these are the days where I don't have to feel humiliated.

But at the same time, probably this is what God planned for me. To strip off my pride and humble myself. In everything start from the lowest. I believe starting as an assistant (or a cleaner you can say that) will take me places. So I have no regrets, even if it takes a lot of skill and brain shaming.

I learned so much from these people and am ever grateful to my boss who took me in. Eventhough he appears to be very chinaman, but he was never stingy to share his working experiences with me. He doesn't force his viewpoints on me, rather asks me how I think and then states his viewpoint. He deserves a lot of respect. For a doctor to be this humble, he is a role model to me.

I am still not very happy working with those ladies, but I'm making better progress now in learning to ignore and speak when necessary. So if they insult me, I will shove it back to their face. An eye for an eye. Only when it is necessary, just to show them there is a line you should not cross.

Take for an example yesterday. I was asked to remove the filter from the AC. So after cleaning them, I wanted to put it back. As I was putting it back, I felt vibrations from the AC and realized that the AC was switched on. Man, that was outrageous! They did that on purpose. But hello, these kinds of things don't play play can or not, what if I get electrocuted? Or my fingers get stuck inside the AC fan? By then do you think it's funny? So I gave one of the girls a piece of my mind and asked her did she really want to get me killed. Hahaha that was the first time she looked guilty and didn't say anything. For me, that was enough.

One of the girls asked me why I always like to target the Malays and not the Indian girl. There is a Chinese saying that goes 人不犯我,我不犯人. Simply means ko tak kuang ajar dgn ak, ak takkan kuang ajar dgn ko. Learn that up malaizhu.

Bye. Bye sangat (their fav line)

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