Tuesday, December 13, 2016

To my Rae of Sunshine

It's my girl's birthday today!

This is my 2nd year celebrating her birthday as a couple. And it is also my 1st year not being able to celebrate with her, stranded in apparently the cleanest city in Karnataka. *Sobs*

I remember last year I came down(or is it up) to Mysore and we had the time of our lives celebrating. We celebrated a day earlier at a new hotel along with her batchmates. Kinda admire their friendship, because they never miss each other's birthday celebration. Unlike mine, by the 3rd year, no one cared about anyone anymore haha. Still, thank God for the few cliques I had in India.

I recalled that day when Maxine carelessly forgot to bring Rae's bday cake. *Facepalm* In the end, I bought the doughnuts in the hotel and attempted to arrange them to a cake shape and sort of accidentally surprised everyone (not just Rae). The doughnuts looked nice but the taste was _________. No comment!

Fast forward to today. It's been a year already. To Rachel, thanks for being my listener to all my rants, and thanks for staying happy when I'm not around. I think what worried me the most when I left India was you. I was afraid you would end up finding everything dull without me. Why do I sound like I am praising myself haha.

And today, I wish you joy. A joy which springs out from your heart, a joy that assures and reassures even when things aren't doing well, a joy that brings happiness and peace to everyone you bless. And I pray that God will continue to keep the good work that was begun in you, till the day you meet the Lord face to face. (Phil 1:6)

As for now, I hope you will enjoy yourself, even though there are not many friends there, but know that you are soooo loved by these few people that God has poaced in your life, including me! I thank God everyday for you, for your life and for us.

I'm so blessed, just received an email from the Govt that I will be getting my posting by 9 Jan next year. So yeap, today is a super lucky day I must say!!! Thanks a lot Rae! You are definitely a ray of hope to me!!!

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