Thursday, February 16, 2017

How it all started // From the bf's perspective

So the gf wrote about her side of the story of how it all started.

Now the story shall be retold to you on my account.

Well, I am not an eloquent speaker, what more a good writer. But I know, my side of the story will be much shorter, maybe because I can't really describe those moments, how I felt. Or maybe I don't overthink like her, or most girls. Oopsie hehehe. 

I guess I can only describe my feelings as the usual happy, sad, excited, angry. But Rae being the more expressive one, and without a doubt the more English one, gives her the extra edge to dramatize those feelings. Okay win liao loh!

Ok, sometime in November 2014, I decided enough is enough. Enough of being creepy, stalking her in social media, giving her subtle hints like hey girl am I your type cause you're totally my cup of tea, through tweets and comments on ig and blog posts.

Started noticing her in early 2014, when my parents gave me the green light to date a girl. Though I wasn't really interested in 'relationshits', but why this girl keeps posting awesome piano covers, and why she became so slim and why the hair suddenly so long and not frizzy like last time. And why she knows how to put make up already like finally puberty hit her hard! Then I started noticing her tweets, can be really funny, and made use of it to korek from her some things. Things that could be essential for me to decide whether she's the one. So the feeling went on for many months, I guess I really fell for this girl.

I heard she's getting close with another guy from her batch who is (or should I say was, now?) much better looking and of course much to the power of 100 taller. In the back of my mind I was like it can't be cause he's so cina, but at the same time her poses on ig were quite cina also, like the peace sign that I cannot tahan. So it's possible she may stoop to his level, or maybe she just see handsome face and nothing else. Like so shallow hoh, tsk tsk tsk. *Shakes head*

So it was midnight (somewhere between 1 to 2am), I mustered up all my courage and wrote her a super long confession message, cause I needed to get that out of my chest. Back then, I didn't have her number so that means can't call can't message. Only option was Facebook Messenger. So, thank God for FB Messenger, up till this day!

Clicked send. That was it. I thought that was the end. I broke down. I thought it was such a silly thing to do. I mean, we hardly talked in college. After that, lost touch for years and then suddenly hey I want to know you more? If I were the girl I would be shit scared of this person.

The next morning, I woke up, I didn't want to even take a glimpse of my phone. But then I had to right? Just face the truth. Man up. To my surprise, she replied me! And what's more, she gave me her mum's number!!! That's how I got to know how blur she can be at times. She apologized and gave me her number. That put a smile on my face, the whole day I remember!!!

So that whole day, in contrary to her experience, I was on cloud nine. While she was confused, and a little freaked out I'm sure!

I didn't ask her to be my gf right away, because it would seem insincere. I don't believe in love at first sight. Maybe crush at first sight. But love begins when you truly know someone. I wanted to know her, so that I can value her, for who she is.

21st Feb 2015, I asked her to be my gf. It was funny because she said 'You didn't ask me also?' But now I interpret that as 'I am so readyyy already la, but I paiseh to ask you so now only you ask, I wait until my bones resorb dy ah!' Hahah I know she would totally deny this but whatever.

From then on, we walk life together, despite being at two different places, yet we find comfort in each other. Yes, certainly God was behind the scenes. On how it all started, even before we met in KTT,  and right now, close to two years. He has been faithful and will be till the end.

Rae, Happy Valentine's and Happy 2 year anniversary! I will always love you, and learn to love you better each day.

Okay, that wasn't really short after all. Omo, I can be a writer!!!!

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