Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Forgot to post this about my day in KKIA last week cause I didn't save the 2nd half of my post and there's no post recovery in blogspot so I was lazy to write all over again. But here we go, just wrote a little and I'm going to post it.

Since I got nothing to do here in KKIA, might as well just spew some nonsense on blogspot.

KKIA = Klinik Ibu dan Anak

Because our clinic has to reach its KPI, which is some target for this year, our clinic has to come to KKIA everyday,  except Fridays just so we can somehow get to do dental check up on pregnant ladies.

So what we do here in KKIA is to do a gross screening and charting for the patients' teeth and assess their overall oral health, then advise them on how to take care of the teeth and gums. Sounds simple, right? Try to say all these in BM or Mandarin and see la. Confirm gagap.

Anyway, I only managed to do check up on ONE patient. Just one throughout the whole 3 loooong hours which seemed forever. And that took me 5 minutes. So the remaining 2 hours plus I was listening to the PPK talking about her life her work her children other ppls husband and children and anything an aunty would gossip about. I know it all.

But she touched the topic on UTC and that sparked my interest. It seems that UTC is the dumping ground for unwanted dentists, nurses and dsas. So if you don't perform, the YM may send your name to the nearest UTC and congrats, you officially work 7 days a week, either morning or night shift, till 10pm. Oh no thankss reallyyy. So must really perform and show that I don't deserve UTC. T_T But I feel so inadequate in the midst of the local grad NDOPs, they seem to know a lot of things.

Whatever it is, I dread coming to KKIA each time. Cause it's always one dental officer and the same old assistant. Everyday listen to her stories can be quite sien sometimes you know.

Don't know when's the next KKIA visit, hopefully there'll be a lot of patients, rather than just sitting in the pantry doing unproductive things. If not, let me run to 7 eleven next door to chill hahaha.

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