Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Reunion with Primary School Mates

Nothing beats a reunion after 14 years.

Since no one really understood what I was trying to say in my fb post, let me explain it thoroughly to you.

What I meant was we were so busy living our own lives for the past 14 years that we failed to take time and recall back those good memories we had as school mates. So fast forward to the present, we finally had the time to look back at the past together, besides getting updated with each others' lives.

One thing about fb or social media nowadays is everything has to be short and sweet. Captions, messages have to be brief and clear. So I was trying to jaga my word count hence the confusion? Hahaha. Sad life of a CS boy. We can't write short essays.

Nevertheless, it was a productive meet up I must say. Life's good. Thank God for the opportunity.

Tomorrow's work day again! Lazy but excited at the same time, because I can't wait to earn my salary!

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